Host a ‘Downton Abbey’-inspired dinner party

“Downton Abbey” is one of the most popular shows on television right now. Every week people from around the country tune in to be sent back to the 1920s. If your friends love the period drama as much as you do, host a dinner party with a “Downton Abbey” theme. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate menu and decor items that will fit in perfectly in an evening at the abbey:

When you invite guests to your dinner party, inform them that it’s a costume event. They should dress just like lords and ladies did in the ’20s, which means women will wear loose dresses and men should sport dinner coats. Check out the latest runway styles inspired by Downton here.


Candles – To set the mood, arrange candles in various places throughout your home like the mantel and coffee table. While the home in “Downton Abbey” has electric lighting, they use candles as well to set the mood. So install wall sconces or set your switches to a dimmer. Opt for tall candlesticks instead of the round, wider ones that are popular these days. Select white ones in various heights to match the feel of a dinner party in the show.

Flowers – Fresh flowers are never in short supply in the series. So be sure to pick up a range of flowers with lots of colors represented. Place some at the center of your table, on end tables and on shelves.

Tablescape – The table setting is an extremely important part of a “Downton Abbey”- inspired dinner. While your tablescape doesn’t have to be as perfect as the butler, Mr. Carson, would like it to be, it should still look elegant. Place decorative chargers under the dinner plates and set out your good silverware.

Use this guide to set your table.


Place setting – At each setting, place the plate in the center and a knife and two spoons on the right side. Then put the dinner fork and salad fork on the left side.The water and wine glasses should be placed on the top right-hand side of the plate.

Cocktail hour
Have a cocktail hour before dinner. When guests arrive serve them sherry or cocktails. Have a range of spirits on hand so they can choose what they like. However, you wouldn’t serve wine at this point in the evening because of its acidity.

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Research the perfect English menu to feature at your dinner party. For example, you can serve your guests oysters with Champagne, fig and stilton salad, venison tenderloin, Yorkshire puddings and shepherd’s pie.

During the evening you can put your pals’ “Downton Abbey” knowledge to the test by designing custom coasters with themed trivia questions. If you need more decor ideas, check out our wide selection of personalized goods.

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