Host an Olympic-themed bash for the opening ceremony

This year the best athletes will gather in Sochi, Russia, to put their abilities to the test for the 2014 Winter Olympics. If you’re hosting a party to celebrate our country’s athletes and others from around the word, do it in style. Also, be sure to incorporate a bit of Russian culture into the party to honor the host country. Here are a few tips to do just that for an Olympic opening ceremony party:

Olympic rings – There is no better way to incorporate the Olympic feel into your home decor than with the iconic colored rings. For a large decor piece, you can fill balloons with helium and tie them together to make circles. Be sure you use the traditional Olympic colors: blue, yellow, black, green and red.

Banner – You can go all out and create a large banner for the opening ceremony. Just use fabric paint on a sheet of muslin and write “Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.” Then place it on the wall above your TV.

Regional cuisine – Russia is the host country of this year’s games, so offer your guests some authentic regional fare. You can make a Russian potato salad called olivier, which features peas, carrots and salted cucumbers. Sheep shish kebabs are also popular in the country.

Snacks – For a nifty Olympic torch-inspired treat, pick up a package of ice cream cones. Then place cheddar popcorn inside each one. For a healthier treat you can use carrot sticks instead.

Dessert – Make Olympic ring cupcakes for dessert. Just place groups of the sweet treats together to form the five rings with three on the top row and two on the bottom. Then pipe colored frosting onto each one to recreate the Olympic symbol. You can also make one large cake and use fruit to create the rings on the top of the dessert.

Other tips
Dress up – To get in the Olympic spirit, have your guests dress up in athletic wear. Ask everyone to don red, white and blue track suits. You can also encourage your pals to wear hats and gloves – it’s the Winter Olympics, after all.

Personalized goodie bags – Make custom gift bags for all your guests. You can place Russian candy inside and a bottle of regional vodka for the adults. Decorate the outside to say “Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics” or “Team USA.”

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