Hosting a Creative Bachelorette Party Perfect for your Bride-to-Be

bachelorette party planning tips and ideas


While the bride and groom are busy planning the biggest day of their life together, it’s up to you as a faithful member of the bride tribe to pull together a blowout bachelorette party. Now there are some pretty strong traditions when it comes to saying goodbye to the miss years, and maybe an evening a little on the raunchy side is exactly the kind of last fling your bride is expecting. The real key to throwing the best bachelorette ever is pretty simple—throw it for your bride: what she loves, what she doesn’t, what she’s always imagined her bachelorette will be.

InStyle recently posted some great bachelorette party pointers as part of their 30 Days of Wedding Campaigns, including tips and non-traditional hosting ideas. The celebrity style magazine surveyed wedding industry pros to bring readers sage advice. ForYourParty’s Sari Mintz contributed, and we wanted to share the complete lists with you!

General Hosting Tips:
1. Start early
2. Budget up front
3. Put one person in charge
4. Personalize, personalize, personalize
5. Theme days

Unconventional Ideas:
1. Philanthropy event
2. Retreat to a wellness spa
3. Old school sleepover
4. Dressed up paintball war
5. Summer camp weekend
6. Amusement park

And there are so many more fun and memorable things you can think of! As long as you cater to your bride’s likes and follow some basic organization pointers, your party will be a no-fail. Cheers to celebrating the miss before she’s a M-R-S!

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