Hosting a fall harvest dinner party

The start of a new season is a perfect reason to throw a dinner party. The crisp weather allows you to serve guests a warm and comforting meal while the colorful landscape provides inspiration for the decor. Here are some tips to plan the perfect autumn harvest dinner:

Planning tips
Prepare your home early, since some guests arrive ahead of time. You’ll need to get everything ready from a half to a full hour before the party is set to begin. As soon as guests walk into your home they should be treated to appropriate lighting, festive music and a cocktail.

Main Course
Choose a main dish to base your entire menu around. Martha Stewart’s pork-centered meal plan serves fennel braised beans along with a sage and garlic crusted tenderloin. Each of these dishes mimic the depth of slow-cooking but don’t take that long to prepare. Another option is vegetable and sausage stew. To sop up the juices, pair the stew with a baked saffron-infused risotto.

When hosting a dinner party, you have the option of offering many types of refreshments. From wine to soda, have a variety choices on hand and be sure to include a hot drink. Guests will love a spiked cider along with their dessert – serve with a stick of cinnamon to bring some whimsy to the beverage.

For dessert, Martha Stewart turns to roasted or poached fruit. Baked apples with Mexican chocolate is a rich dessert that combines sweet marshmallows and cinnamon-flavored cocoa. Don’t limit yourself to one dessert; have fruit, cookies and candy set out buffet-style so guests will be encouraged to keep munching while the conversation continues.

Flowers – Take a fall-themed bouquet to another level by wrapping it in a straw cloth and placing it in a vase as a centerpiece.

Pumpkins – Gourds, pumpkins and squash are all popular table dressings for fall dinners. Continue the tradition by gathering them in different shapes and colors.

Table setting – Orange, brown, cream and other fall-colored napkins are a nice touch for the table. Go an extra step and customize your napkins in a way that showcases the theme of the party. Another decorating option is personalized leather coasters. Embellish them with names of your guests, and they will have a memento to take with them after the party ends.

There are a variety of customizable favors to choose from that can turn a regular party into a memorable bash.

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