Hosting a high tea party

When you were a young girl, tea parties of yesteryear were only attended by stuffed animals, and juice was had in place of tea. Now that you’re all grown up, you can have the high tea party of your dreams with the help of these tips:

Set the mood early with some lovely, dainty invitations. If you desire, instruct guests to dress in their high tea best, complete with hats, dresses and gloves.

Now it’s time to choose your brand of tea to offer your friends. You may even be able to find some types that have boxed assortments to make your life a tad easier. Have milk, sugar and artificial sweetener available so guests can flavor the beverage to their liking.

The variety of herbal, black and green teas runs the gamut. But here are a few starters you should be sure to have on hand:

  • English breakfast
  • Earl grey
  • Chamomile
  • Green
  • Peppermint

Make a few cold beverages to offer guests as well. The possibilities are endless and you could choose anything from sweet tea to hot chocolate to lemonade. If you want your teas to be extra special, you could try purchasing a blend with lavender and rose petals, as pictured below by PhotoKitchen Food Photography.


Tea parties are a great time to try out any sweet pastry items that have been on your radar. This  is your opportunity to serve a diverse spread of berry scones, shortbread cookies, macaroons, or cupcakes. Create a lovely spread with items all in the same color family, as seen below from


Tea sandwiches – To make this snack, simply cut the crusts off your white or wheat bread. You could even use some cookie cutters to create beautifully shaped sandwiches, as seen below from Celebrations at Home.


Spread on tasty fillings like feta, cream cheese and almond butter. Make a wide assortment including cucumber, tomato, ham and banana sandwiches. Try these cucumber bases sandwiches by Helen Polaski of Life123.


The entire mood of the party will be set by the decor, so this is the time to use your gorgeous matching tea setting. Buy customized napkins, favor boxes and coasters to match the decor as well. It’s also nice to have a tiered stand set out to hold scones and cookies.You should also consider having a vase of flowers sitting on the table to brighten up the space, similarly to this tea setting from Camille Styles.


Buffet style – If you would like your party to feel more buffet-inspired, take a circular or rectangular table and place a solid or paisley cloth on top. Set your range of foods and sweets in a nice display. The buffet style will encourage guests to help themselves. Take some inspiration from this food arrangement from Bella Cupcakes.


Formal – For a more formal setting, you can have guests sit at the table and have treats placed throughout. Take turns passing the tea pot and helping friends place one or two lumps of sugar in their cups. Marketplace Weddings does a wonderful job creating a formal tea party tablescape, complete with teacups, sweet treats, and floral arrangements.


While you could just converse and enjoy the company of friends, give your event an extra dose of fun my playing some games. Scrabble is simple yet competitive and almost everyone have played before and enjoy themselves. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even incorporate scrabble into your table decor, using wooden letters as name tags, as seen below, from Cut Magazine.


Our customizable napkins, coasters and party bags set the mood for any of your themed events, so check them out for your next party.

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