How to add a touch of whimsical design to your wedding reception decor

Are you a traditional bride or groom that wants to add a lighthearted element to your wedding reception style? Create a fun, fresh atmosphere at your wedding that your guests will love. Incorporating a few whimsical elements into your reception will allow you to showcase that playful spirit. Here are some ideas:

Over-sized furniture
Over-sized armchairs and sofas can make anyone feel young again. You can even find party rental services which will provide these larger-than-life pieces that will give your wedding a unique touch. You and your future hubby can sit in these chairs (or share one) during the reception, and they can even serve as a photo background. Here is an example of how multiple vintage furniture pieces could potentially work in a ceremony setting. Designed by Events of Love and Splendor and photographed by Ryan Ray Photography.


Nontraditional colors
Many wedding colors tend to have a soft, subdued look to them so as to complement the decor of the celebration without overpowering it. However, should you want to make a statement, adding bright colors to your decor will achieve your desired effect. A bold red will convey drama and excitement, so consider working it into your table centerpieces or another focal point in your reception. Take a look at how Mosca Photo Wedding Inspiration incorporates red in their flower centerpieces and votive candles.


Grand accents
You can also add whimsy to your big day by incorporating it into your larger decor installations. Instead of small table centerpieces, opt for grandiose vases or large floral arrangements with a variety of flowers inside. In these large floral arrangements, it helps to create a messy, yet put-together look. You could even place large pieces of candy in the center of the table for your guests to snack on. This whimsical flower arrangement featured on Mod Wedding and photographed by One Love Photography shows how one large flower arrangement can command the attention of a table.


Funky decor
When it comes to displaying your food at your wedding, think outside the box (or suitcase)! For example, if your wedding has a travel theme, try putting a few vintage suitcases filled with stamps on your buffet table. To create the best display, try choosing different sizes to allow for some asymmetrical style. Here’s an example from Swanky Pear and photographed by Jenna Marie Studios of how a vintage suitcase and vintage hat box can bring whimsy and life into any dessert table.


Twinkle lights
Transform the look of your wedding reception into a twinkling landscape with overhead twinkle lights. It’s a way to illuminate the room in the subtle, intimate way. Lanterns could be an alternative way to bring color, light, and life into your reception hall. Here is a beautiful example of how a few strands of twinkle lights completely transform a reception hall into a elegant, intimate, and, of course, whimsical, space. Photographed by Mihaja Photography and featured on Polka Dot Bride.


Party favors
A perfect way to get your guests into a lively conversation is to design custom coasters with funny riddles and quotes on them.

Check out our custom party decor like personalized matchbooks and more to add some personal touches and whimsy to your celebration.

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