How to display a festive Thanksgiving dessert spread

Some people look forward to Thanksgiving pie just as much as turkey. This year, wow your guests with an impressive selection of seasonal favorites and twists on the classics. Here is how to display your spread to entice guests to keep coming back for more.

Pecan, pumpkin and apple are a few traditional flavors of holiday pie. However, many families go with what they love. You can pick up cheesecake, triple-layer cake or even flan. Also offer a few lesser-known pie creations like cherry, buttermilk, chocolate, lemon curd or rhubarb.

Table cloth – Pick up a brown, red or orange table cloth to place over a rectangle or round table. Next, top diagonally with a thick flannel to make the surface look more homey.

Layout – The key to an exciting dessert table is to make it look full and multidimensional. So it’s time to bring out your tiered cupcake towers, cake stands and other sturdy items to prop up your pies. Display each with acorns, pine cones and nuts surrounding the base.

Extra touches – Add stacked plates with pie spatulas so everyone can help themselves. Also include a pile of customized napkins with a holiday “Give Thanks” message.

Looking for more customizable touches to add to your Thanksgiving dessert spread? Browse through our range of festive templates or you can create your own.

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