How to host a fundraising event

Is there an organization or cause that is close to your heart? Why not host a fundraising party to help it along? Whether your passion is rescued animals, medical research, youth programs or another important social issue, you can turn your home into the perfect venue to raise awareness.

What is your end goal? Is there a particular dollar amount that you would like to raise that would make a big impact on the nonprofit? If so, set your goal and do all you can to reach it.

Responsible companies love to offer support to local and national charities. Don’t be afraid to call a party vendor and ask them to either discount or comp your entire bill. They can write off the expenses as a charitable donation, so everyone wins. Look for help with the food, drinks, flowers and more.

With sponsorship you have spare funds to send out customizable invitations. You can create photo postcards with pictures of people involved in the group and include its website so guests can learn more about the cause. You may also want to inform guests if they can’t make the event they can send their donation to the address you provided.

Not everyone who attends your party might be familiar with the organization you are trying to support. Prepare a speech or create a slideshow presentation with photos of the people who may be impacted by your guests’ donations.

While you can accept cash and check donations, use the Internet to collect funds too. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are popular platforms people use to raise money.

Thank you gifts
At the end of the evening you should thank guests with a special favor. Show them what their support means with additional information about the organization. Place it in a customized favor bag along with treats of your choice like sweets, a candle or another item your guests would enjoy.

Check out the wide assortment of customizable napkins, boxes, invitations and more to put a personalized touch on your next party.

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