A Saturday article in the Toronto Star was inspiration for a summer filled with eco-conscious ceremonies.  Going green is becoming more and more important with each year, and there is no better time to start than now.  Author Stephen Scharper divulged some innovative approaches to a green and great wedding ceremony.
the 6 Rs:
1. Reduce: Waste from your wedding can be reduced with some easy practices. Encourage your guests to take flowers home from the reception. Extra food can also be given to people who want to take to-go platters (most young party-goers wouldn’t turn it down).

2. Reuse: Hire someone to supply your silverware and dishes to reuse rather than waste such necessary wedding items.  Most caterers have a variety that will surely match your other wedding ideas.

3. Recycle: Try recycled napkins, such as these EarthWise alternatives for your wedding reception and all other events surrounding it.  They can be de-embossed with a personalized message that fits your event, while still keeping true with green standards.
4. Reciprocate: giving back is what going green is all about.  For every time you take, you should ideally give back – and reciprocity is an essential “R” for every wedding. Remind your guests of this green ideology.
5. Rejoice: An “eco-marriage” should not only be rejoiceful of your union.  Scharper suggests that an eco-conscious wedding will be the foundation for years of rejoicing about the earth.
6. Respect: The final “R,” this is the fundamental aspect of a marriage, Scharper says, and showing respect for the environment can breed a lifetime of respect for each other.
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