How to throw the perfect ‘It’s a boy!’ baby shower

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When hosting a baby shower for a loved one, the special event must be perfect, so here are some tips for creating the perfect “It’s a boy!” baby shower. It will be easiest if you choose a theme to help guide your decoration and games for the party. If you feel like taking a classic approach, opt for a gender theme.

Color – If you’re going the traditional route, a blue and green color scheme is the way to go. Try for pastel versions of the colors because it makes for a great springtime party. You could pick up blue tablecloths and add a green table runner. You could also fill the venue or house with flowers of the same hues to go along with your color scheme and springtime feeling. Take some inspiration from Catch My Party, who show a great way to incorporate blue and green hues to create a beautiful tablescape.


Balloons – Balloons are a perfect party decoration. You could purchase a bunch of white, green, and blue helium balloons and let them float around the house. Paper lanterns or pom poms would also work as an alternative. You can see some blue hued paper pom poms in action below from Best Friends For Frosting.


Baby items – You can also decorate with baby items. Just pick up a variety of bibs in your color scheme and hang them on the wall. You may even place pacifiers on a string and drape them across the mantel. This outdoor baby shower from Adore Events and Verve Studio give can give you an idea of how to use your baby’s new clothes as decorations.


Banner – If you are revealing the baby’s name during the party, showcase it in a grand way. You can paint it on a large poster board or hang block letters on the wall. Use this “It’s a boy!” banner from ABannerAffair on Etsy as inspiration.


Sweets – Sweets double as great decorations and yummy treats, so you’ll want to provide a wide assortment of them at the baby shower. Cupcakes have become a popular choice because they are portable and easy to decorate. You could frost the cakes with a light blue or green icing. You could write “baby” or the actual name of the bundle of joy on each cupcake, or you could even place a candy pacifier or baby footprints on top of the cakes, as seen below from Cake Central.


Napkins – Create custom napkins featuring trivia questions about the mom-to-be that make adorable decorations while also doubling as a fun party game. Once the party is well underway and everyone is enjoying the refreshments, have your guests answer the questions!

Gift bags
Be sure to send everyone home with personalized gift bags. Fill them with containers of candy and other sweets. You could try to find some fun candy items, like rock candy, colored jelly beans, and peppermint sticks, as picture below.


Thank-you cards
As the mom-to-be opens her baby shower gifts be sure to keep a detailed list of the gift givers and the presents. She can use that information to create custom thank-you cards to send to everyone a couple weeks after the party to show her appreciation.

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