Ice, Ice Baby!

Chicago has been recently blessed with bouts of warm weather. Seriously unexpected warm weather has included, 52 degree days and above freezing nights. It’s allowed everyone in the Midwest to enjoy a lovely longer stint of outdoor fun.

According to recent weather reports a snowstorm is headed our way and the bright clear skies we’ve been basking under are about to cloud over.

It’s time to prepare for freezing fun! Once the streets are covered in white and snowmen’s begin popping up in yards and balconies around the city, it’s the green light for chilly outdoor enjoyment.

Bundle up your family and friends and head out in to the great white yonder armed with squeeze bottles filled with food color dyed water for snow painting. This is a great way to teach your kids about color mixing! And an excellent way for them to make a huge mess without any necessary clean up, just make sure they keep the “paint” on snowy lawns and do not create slippery sidewalks.

Our favorite winter pastimes include ice-skating, sledding, snowball fights, and skiing! However you choose to spend these wintry days ahead we hope everyone is safe and whether it’s indoors or out, can take pleasure in the winter wonderland to come.

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  1. That one really looks cool. Great idea but the thing is how long does it stay in snow.

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