It’s Spring, Welcome Wedding Season!

We are so excited in our desk chairs today as the promise of warm weather, cook outs, Cubs games, and weekend weddings are on the horizon. Chicago is defrosting! With new designs of spring flowers and showers in our designer’s minds we were overjoyed to see the wedding images of our Words designer Laurel Denise

She handmade many details of her day and is an inspiration to all those artists that hope their wedding day is truly unique. She cross-stitched the labels for the programs among others. Her wedding day pulled from the natural beauty that surrounded the happy couple with some sweet, southern accents.
The tea and lemonade station before the ceremony was a favorite of ours. Enjoy her wedding day highlights! Congratulations Laurel and best wishes!
Love, ForYourParty

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  1. Teresa says:

    SUCH a lovely wedding. I love that cake!

  2. Khymn Autumn says:

    Beautiful photos…delightful candid moments of your special day. I particularly enjoyed your personal touches and attention to detail which makes all the difference! Congratulations and best wishes for a long and enduring marriage!

  3. Amazing wedding detail shots! Looks like a wonderful wedding for the couple and their guests.

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