It’s time for us to Celebrate

Hi, it’s Rachel, the oldest member of the team and it’s my turn to write to you to share the happy news with all of you, I’M ENGAGED and now it’s my turn to design beautiful products for our happy day, June 26, 2010! (200 days from today) My love of four years finally had the perfect opportunity to propose while in Italy in October, and since he is the better writer I want to share his retelling of “Our Story”. Here it goes:

We made it back from Italy, safe and sound and spiritually enriched! And I came back 1 year older and engaged to my beautiful bride to be, Rachel! Long story short, I proposed way up on the amazing hills of Assisi, overlooking the Basilica of St. Francis and God’s wonderful creation! I asked and she said “YES!” which I was relieved to hear! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Well, it’s about time, PJ!” It is about time and we are both extremely excited! We’ve been joking that I made Rachel work for it a little , as we hiked (and I mean, HIKED!) for about 1 hour before we made it to “the perfect spot.” (insert this joke here: “PJ, didn’t you make her work enough through 4 years of dating?!” Haha! I know, I know!) But, as we were hiking, I kept assuring her that “It will be worth it when we get to the top.” When you are up there, you can understand why St. Francis loved it so much! It is unbelievable to see how beautiful God made our world! On one side, you look out at the town of Assisi, fields and other towns and mountains off in the distance. On the other side, you look out at green hills (I’m talking, the hills are alive with the sound of music green hills, if you know what I mean!) It’s absolutely breathtaking & beautiful! One thing that wasn’t so beautiful was the fact that I forgot water. But, I was a little pre-occupied with not forgetting the ring! So, Rach was pulling some Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) moves by finding upside down leaves and drinking the water from them! Just a little side note, every day on our pilgrimage was blue skies and sun, except for the day I proposed! I mean, come on! I was totally bummed when I woke up in the morning, but I finally laughed and thought, “Tell God your plans if you want to make Him laugh.” So, I was ok with it and we started up the hike. The more we hiked, the more the clouds drifted away. The more we hiked, the hotter the sun got. Until finally, we reached the top and the sky was perfectly blue and the sun was shining bright. God gave us a little window and it was perfect! The reason I wanted to go to this spot was because I knew the hike was tough. The hike is like our relationship; things are great, but there are some difficult times. We had about 30 minutes up there of jumping around, screaming at the top of our lungs, crying, laughing…Then, those storms came back and we still had an hour hike back down the mountain! But, I have to say, things are pretty perfect right now! We are both on cloud 9 and couldn’t be happier!

~ PJ

Here are some pictures of us newly engaged! More exciting details to come!

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