Jessica & Chet’s Rustic Texas Wedding

Jessica & Chet, married on November 23rd of 2013 in an old, restored pumping station in Dobbin, Texas (Olde Dobbin Station) show us just how classically elegant a southern, vintage wedding can be. Jessica and Chet met a party in College Station in 2008 after what must have been an extremely awkward, yet adorable situation. In Jessica’s words:

I attended a party with my usual group of ladies, which included Jaune, my Matron of Honor. We arrived at the party disappointed to see very few of our friends. What immediately drew our attention was a rowdy group of El Campo natives rolling around on the floor dancing to the song, “Shout!” I was not impressed. After a while, Jaune, and I started up a conversation with one of the party goers. After a few choice words about the dancing skills of a certain person, who just so happened to be Chet, the party goer then gleefully introduced himself as Chet’s brother, Jarret…I was inevitably introduced to him and we both had a good laugh at the awkward situation. We spent the rest of the night talking and yes, dancing. Since that night, we have spent the past four and a half years in laughter, friendship, and most importantly, in love.” 

As for the proposal, Chet brought Jessica to the plot of land where they planned to build their first house and popped the question right in front of the SOLD sign.

Captured beautifully by Jackie Ray Photography & Pop Video.


Using colors such as soft blush pink, soft gray, champagne, and taupe, and accents of pearls and mercury glass, Jessica was able to transform Olde Dobbin station into a rustic fairytale.



These mercury glass candle sticks add just the right amount of elegance without taking away from the soft, vintage details.


Keeping with their vintage theme, Jessica & Chet chose a simply, yet beautifully designed custom cocktail napkin from yours truly. We are so happy to be included in such an elegant and timeless wedding.


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