Kid-friendly Thanksgiving activities

For many families, the Thanksgiving celebration is an hours-long event. However, dinner only makes up a small portion of the evening. What is a family with a house filled of rambunctious kids to do? It’s simple – set out a variety of activities that teach them about the holiday and keep them busy until dessert.

Place mats
Whether you’ll have a designated kid’s table or the children will be dining with you, create activity mats to keep them occupied. Martha Stewart has a nifty idea of printing turkey templates on craft paper. Just cut down the sheet to 8.5 inches by 11 inches, or larger if your home printer can take a longer size. Download a few different templates of turkeys and other Thanksgiving characters. Then print them on your new place mats and set them out with crayons, colored pencils or markers.

Corn husk dolls
Another craft project from the home expert involves making figurines out of corn husks. Pick up felt in assorted fall colors and yarn in similar hues. You’ll also need buttons, scissors, glue and paper towels.

To make the husks more pliable, soak each in water for 10 minutes and use the paper towels to blot out the excess water. Layer a few on top of one other and tie them together at one end. Next, separate some layers for the arms and legs. Use another piece of string to create the round head. Start tying the ends of the arms and eggs for the male dolls. For the female versions, trim the loose corn husk end to an equal length. Next, use the felt to make clothing and hats for your new characters. If younger kids will be involved, be sure to supervise the scissor cutting parts of the craft.

Goodie bags
These crafts will keep your younger guests busy throughout the entire Thanksgiving celebration. To keep the fun going, send them home with a customized party bag filled with candy, an activity book and toy.

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