Love on a budget!

Valentines day is a few short lovely weeks away and we’re sharing our tender suggestions to save money but still spend that special day in a special way with your honey! Whether you’re sharing Valentine’s Day with your best friend, a group of couples, or on a couch with a heart shaped cookie for two . . . love is all around.

1. Cook a sweet hearts dinner or dessert together! Save money by skipping the V-day menus at restaurants and spend some extra time mixing your favorite foods to feed one another. is a great site hosting a plethora of passionate recipes for you and your lover: Make your at home event even more special by playing some games, turning your dinner/dessert into an indoor picnic or just by popping on some romantic music.

2. Give each other long back rubs! Help yourself and your partner relax from the day by enjoying relaxing massages that you give each other. Paired with a bottle of wine or a hot bubble bath and both of you will be whisked away to comfortable cloud of dreamy passion.

3. Take a long walk. Visit your favorite neighborhood or local main-street and enjoy one another’s company by walking and talking. Maybe pop into a local bar for an appetizer and a drink or a café for a hot chocolate and a slice of something sweet.

4. Take advantage of deals and freebies! Visit a Whole Foods or another grocery store offering great free samples! With big competition for customers these days, restaurants are offering Early Bird specials for Valentine’s Day! Check out specials available in your area.

5. Progressive dinner with friends! Valentine’s Day is for everyone, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend an awesome night with friends! Create a moving party by having one friend host an appetizer course, head to another friend’s place for dinner and move on to a final location for dessert! Mix in games and music for laughs and dance party action!

6. Family bonding night! Make Valentine’s Day meaningful to your family by making handmade Valentine’s cards together, or create a caring jar where you all write why you care about one another on heart shaped pieces of paper, maybe take some cookies to civil servants like librarians, police officers, fire fighters and together express your gratitude.

Need a little extra help for the perfect plan, canvas the web. There are exceptional websites offering great advice on how to put the thoughtfulness and romance back into Valentine’s Day! Looking for more, visit our site for lovely favors and party perfect essentials to spread the love!

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