Matchbook Hoarders: The Love List Matches

Any fellow matchbook hoarders out there?

Jess Graves, of The Love List, knows just what we mean. She has an entire collection of matches that she’s taken from restaurants, bars, and some that she’s created with us on her own! And what an exciting collection it is!

Photo by: Caroline Fontenot

Photo by: Caroline Fontenot

We wanted to share with you a lovely thought from Jess that we really hope catches on!

“Having them out for restaurant guests is one thing, but it had never occurred to me to have them made up for a home.“Wouldn’t it be awesome,” I thought “if all my friends had their own books made up and we could trade and collect them?” I know it’s kind of a frivolous and romantic notion, but I’m into it. ”

We’re definitely on board!

Take a look at Jess’ very own matchbox creation. “So, sparing the grand house name, I had matches made up with my last name and neighborhood and a favorite quote on the back. I keep them in a bowl by my doorway so people can take one when they visit.”

Well, consider us inspired. Create your very own customized matchbooks on our website and choose from our wide range of colors, shapes, graphics, and fonts!

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