Max Mara Monogramming Event

For one lovely day in Downtown Chicago Max Mara offered a unique personalization technique to customers with help from ForYourParty. They employed one of our talented production members, Juan, to monogram their luxurious leather purses, bags or totes purchased that day or brought in by a returning patron. Above are some of the fun photos we snapped during that afternoon.

The foil stamping equipment and the individual metal letters Juan used is over 50 years old. Movable metal type has been around since its invention in Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty around 1230.

When we produce your designs they are all first made into a metal plate and stamped by a fantastic production member on a more advanced machine that functions primarily with hydraulics, heat and pressure.

Thank you to the friendly staff at Max Mara for this exclusive opportunity to share our personalization passion with a new audience.

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