Must-haves for your next crafting party

With Pinterest being bookmarked on virtually every crafter’s computer, this social media tool has turned the world of crafting upside down. There are endless ideas and inspiration found on this website and it’s easy to pin and pin until you have hundreds of projects that you plan to do for later. But instead of putting them aside for a rainy day, how about inviting your closest friends to complete them with you at a crafting party?

Decide on a guest list
Depending on how large a party you want to have. This will help you figure out exactly which crafts you should aim to complete. If you’re planning on doing a fairly easy craft, a larger social gathering would be appropriate. However, if you’re planning on attempting a more complex project, a smaller party of about four to six people would work better. From custom coasters and DIY wine bags to homemade scarves and pillows, Pinterest has hundreds of ideas, so you’re sure to find the perfect craft for your party.


Get the word out
What better way to get your guests in the creative mood than to send out craft invitations.  As you probably already know, Pinterest has plenty of ideas when it comes to invitations, so get the ball rolling with your first DIY project. Here are some cute DIY invitations to get your ideas flowing. If you’re party is in the summer, consider these popsicle inspired invitations.


Gather craft supplies
Be sure that you have all you need for your crafting party and ensure that each guest will have ample supplies. Whether it’s custom ribbon, glue, glitter, fabric, paint, scissors or more, each item should be accounted for.


Food and drink
What’s a party without some snacks and refreshments? You and your fellow crafters are going to need some delicious food and drink to keep your energy up and your creative juices flowing. If it’s a fun girls’ night, grab a few bottles of wine or Champagne to sip and share. You could even turn your drinks into a DIY craft to make with your girlfriends by throwing together a yummy wine cocktail. All you need is a couple bottles of Moscato, some Sprite, and any flavored sparkling water of your choice! Fast, fun, east, and delicious. As for the food, you could have each guest bring her favorite treat. Try to match the fare to your craft of choice! If you’re making cozy no-sew pillow like these, from Organize Your Stuff Now, you could opt for comfort food like macaroni and cheese, apple pie or chicken soup.

There are an endless amount of DIY projects that range from quick and easy to intricate and time-consuming, so there’s sure to be the craft that is perfect for you and your crafting night. Don’t forget to check out all of our products, like our coasters, personalized ribbons, and favor boxes, that would make great bases for your own DIY projects.

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