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Introducing Our New Grad Party Resource Center!


You cried like a baby, even though you promised not to shed a tear. An endless loop of Pomp and Circumstance is still playing inside your head. You’re overwhelmed by a complicated mix of pride, anxiety and nostalgia. Oh yeah, and you’re about to throw a giant party for the very deserving graduate and all of his or her closest friends.

Planning and executing the perfect graduation party is a daunting task. You want it to be beautiful. You want it to be smooth. Most of all, you want the memory to stay with your loved one forever. That’s why we’ve created an online resource center for throwing an A+ graduation party, complete with helpful party planning tips and inspirations. Here you will find:

Grad Party Checklist & Study Guide
Graduation Party Invitation Etiquette
DIY Grad Party Favors
Graduation Pop Up Store

The new graduation resource center is designed to help you relax and enjoy the party planning process, while finding fun and unique party items such as personalized napkins, custom cups, party invitations and thoughtful party favors. We want to help you honor the hard work and dedication that earned your graduate that cap and gown. Hats off to the new grad! And hats off to your spectacular party.

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