Rosabelle, Sari’s mom and a regular office hand, likes her own parties; but she likes other people’s parties more.

That’s why she collects the leftover napkins that never leave the ForYourParty realm. As she says, “every time I use a napkin, I’m celebrating something with someone I don’t even know!”

Her spirit encouraged our new line, called “Other People’s Parties,” and we hope you’ll like it just as Rosabelle does. We’ve packaged the remaining napkins into colorful groups – and each napkin says something else.

Included in the random messages of Other People’s Parties packages are the following:
“Water separates the people of the world; wine unites them” on a Forest napkin
“Show me the Money! Rio Grande School 2007-2008” on a Leaf napkin
“Now presenting: Shelley turns 50!” on an Amethyst napkin
“Mazel Tov, Jeremy!” on a Lipstick napkin (with a baseball logo above the text)
We find these napkin sets humorous, among other things (including multi-cultural and creative) and they can be a nice addition to a get-together with no purpose, such as a Barbie-Q, or even a prank joke. To get even a little wackier – invite your friends to a napkin scavenger hunt!

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