Today, we’re celebrating FriYay with a litte Frosè ✨ That’s right, y’all—basic is now served frozen. And how delicious it is! If you’re looking for a fun brunch alternative to the classic mimosa bar or just planning a night with the gals, this beauty is for you. Plus, even though we’re winding down on summer here (tears), there are still a few weeks left for a cool-off by the pool! Note that you need to freeze overnight, so plan ahead.

Get ready for some Boomerang action, you’re gonna want to Instagram this one. Personalized accessories, like the custom Heart Straw Tags above, are always picture ready!

Yields: 4

1 bottle rosé
8 ounces strawberries, hulled, quartered
2½ ounces fresh lemon juice

Freeze your rosè in an ice tray overnight. Just prior to serving, combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. If you want something a little sweeter, add more fruit or a simple syrup.

-FYP Mixologists



baby shower personalized cocktail napkins


Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of celebrating one of our very own, For Your Party style. Our sweet graphic designer, Ella, is expecting her first baby this fall. We showered her with baby gifts, lots of love and quite a few personalized party products!


baby shower with personalized party accessories


Mint and Plum were the colors of the day. We set up tables in the yoga studio, hung a banner made by another fabulous designer and blew up Designer Balloons. Never a party without snacks, we complemented out deliciously gorgeous charcuterie board with Mint and Plum personalized Cocktail Napkins.


personalized straw flags for a baby shower


We added another fruity punch to our special fruit-juice-and-sprite-only sangria with fruit skewers on custom Stir Sticks. So many creative uses for these adorable party pieces! Topping off each tasty concoction was a personalized Wave Straw Tag in the shower’s theme colors.


personalized fruit skewers using stir sticks


In anticipation of the little sweetie on the way, our shower game was a bit of a throw back. We played Guess That Baby—staff members brought in baby pictures and marked down our guesses of who’s who. Needless to say, there are quite a few differences from then and now!

The party closed with cake, gifts and lots of well wishes. Congrats, Ella! We can’t wait to meet and cuddle your precious girl!


baby shower with personalized party accessories

lavender and gray spring and summer dinner party tablescape


It’s official, wedding planners have more fun—or maybe just the most fabulous dinner parties! From the setting to the decor and menu, this Tuscan style dinner produced by Be Inspired PR was simply divine.

The soft gray and lavender color scheme was a perfect complement to the stunning Sunstone Winery location. We also found the juxtaposition of the sturdy wooden farm tables with the airy florals, delicate glassware and gold flatware super stylish.


sunstone winery gorgeous tuscan villa


custom place cards and menu with pretty spring purple and gray place setting


Completing each place setting was a welcome and vendor card that For Your Party foil stamped on our custom menu cards. We also provided place cards in a matching gray paper that later had each guest’s name hand lettered with a beautiful calligraphy style. This exquisite tablescape could easily host any spring or summer event.


custom gray menu vendor card


beautiful farm table with flowers and colored glasses table setting


charcuterie tray bar


Talk about a cheese tray. Modern Art Catering never fails to impress, both in palette and aesthetic. Isn’t this charcuterie bar is absolutely swoon worthy!? Not to mention these adorable mini pizzas.


modern art mini pizzas


Captured expertly by Jen Rodriguez, it looked to be quite a lovely soirée. See more beautiful pictures of the evening on Rue Daily.


wedding planner california dinner party



Production |  Be Inspired PR
Photography |  Jen Rodriguez
Food | Modern Art Catering
Venue | Sunstone Winery & Vineyards
Flowers | Bloominous
Tabletop Rentals | Soiree8
Custom Paper Goods | For Your Party
Calligraphy | Hira Siddiqui
Furniture Rentals | Barn Relic
Lighting | Bella Vista Designs


We’ve tried our hand at a Gin Rickey and a Gin & Tonic, of course, but this was a first for the Chinatown Ricky! It was not a disappointment. The lime and mint gave the drink a refreshing crisp while the sherry added a nutty twist. We threw in some festive personalized Stir Sticks and Cocktail Napkins because it’s Friday and the party pants are on.

1 ½ ounces london dry gin
½ ounce fino sherry
1 ounce fresh lime juice
¾ ounce simple syrup
fresh mint
club soda


Fill a cocktail shaker about half way with ice. Combine the gin, sherry, lime juice and simple syrup into your shaker and shake till chilled. Strain over ice into a highball glass and top with club soda. Garnish with a lime wedge, mint sprig and your own personalized party accessories.


-FYP Mixologists


Bridal Guide September Issue


You can now pick up the newest edition of Bridal Guide at your fav local magazine carrier. From budget tips to dress trends and real wedding features, the magazine is filled with fantastic tips for every bride-to-be.

Keep an eye out (*page 86*cough, cough*) for a couple FYP pics in this issue! Greenery, the Pantone color of the year, is taking weddings, parties and home decor by storm. The feature, compiled by Inspired by This, is a quick inspiration board on things to include to pull off a greenery theme. Enjoy!


Pantone color greenery party and wedding decorations

Being in the thick of wedding season means more than all you beautiful couples tieing the knot. With weddings come anniversaries! If you’ve had that sweet day circled on the calendar for months but are still unsure what gift you’d like to give your spouse, check out the list below.

Provided by Loyes Diamonds, this cute infographic shows both traditional and modern anniversary symbols—giving not one, but two gift ideas for each anniversary! See the full list of wedding anniversary symbols here.


wedding anniversary symbols

watermelon, lime and cucumber vodka cocktail


Now’s the time to enjoy fresh, deliciously sweet watermelon. Even with access to most fruits and veggies year round, there’s nothing quite like in-season produce. Whether you plan on biting into a juicy slice, whipping up a sweet salad or pouring a craft cocktail, watermelon is one ingredient that will sing all summer long.

Here’s a refreshing cocktail to kick start your next barbecue. Dress up your garnish with a personalized Stir Stick for a memorable drink in more ways than one!

yields: 2 servings
oz Prairie Cucumber Vodka  (if you can find cucumber vodka, just use regular and add cucumber when you muddle)
4 small cubes of seedless watermelon
limes, diced
oz simple syrup
  — for Garnish —
Lime Rim (equal amounts salt and sugar combined with some fresh grated lime)
Watermelon Slices
cucumber slices
small mint sprigs 

Combine vodka, watermelon and lime in a cocktail shaker. Muddle all ingredients well. Add simple syrup, fill with ice, cover and shake until cold. Rim each glass with a cut lime and dip in the lime rim mixture. Fill each glass with ice and pour the ingredients from the shaker into the glasses. Garnish with watermelon, cucumber, mint and a personalized stir stick.


FYP Mixologists



Closing out the month of June, former Starcom Executive Vice President Jens Welin threw a summer party that was full of color, laughter, dancing, booze, food and a little bit of rain. The event was a toast to the hard work of the creative teams Welin oversaw, as well as a goodbye party before he left the company to move back to Sweden. In honor of the month, the party was Pride-themed with personalized details in all the colors of the rainbow.



Guests enjoyed the cocktail of the night, a summery Aperol Spritz in Frost Flex Cups sporting the party theme “All You Need is Love” and Starcom’s logo. But the bar didn’t stop there! Custom Can Coolers in a festive orange were the perfect touch for canned and bottled libations. And, of course, personalized Cocktail Napkins adorned every tabletop as an ever delightful detail.

All you need is love—and a grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously, if you haven’t eaten food from a restaurant on wheels yet, you are totally missing out. It’s a craze for a reason. The Toasty Cheese food truck supplied gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and other tasty bites to a very satisfied crowd.



One somewhat cloudy uninvited guest did appear; a rain shower moved in and sent guests running for cover. However, the skies cleared after a bit, the sun came out and the party prevailed! Sunshine shone through the trees and happy partygoers talked, ate and danced the night away, creating their own rainbow.



personalized watercolor cocktail napkins with grapefruit cocktail


This beautiful cocktail tastes as good as it looks! We also may be slightly biased, but we’re pretty sure nothing could look better under these drinks than our exclusive Rosé Watercolor Cocktail Napkins.

Back to the drink—the savory herbal flavor of the rosemary is just perfect combined with the tart grapefruit. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. How is it made, you ask. A little pre-prep time is required to make a rosemary simple syrup, but it is totally worth it.

Rosemary Simple Syrup
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
2 sprigs worth of rosemary leaves

Place all three ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil while stirring occasionally. Allow to boil for a minute or so, until the sugar is dissolved. Then, turn down the heat and simmer for 3 minutes with the lid on. Turn off heat and allow the mixture to steep for 5 more minutes before straining. Discard the rosemary leaves and let the syrup cool before transferring to a sealed bottle or jar. It will keep for a couple of weeks in an airtight jar stored in a cool dark place.

2 oz gin (or vodka)
1/2 cup of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
1 oz  rosemary syrup
Fresh rosemary sprig and grapefruit slice to garnish

In a cocktail shaker, pour the gin, grapefruit juice and syrup over ice. Shake vigorously for about 20 seconds. Strain into a glass over ice. Garnish with grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary. Sip, and enjoy!

FYP Mixologists graphic designer Lauren


I’m a Chicago(land) girl through and through—born and raised in the good old western suburbs. It’s funny how even if you just live near Chicago, you are “from” Chicago!  I went to Elmhurst College for my bachelor’s degree. While I started college thinking I’d be a teacher or a physical therapist, halfway through I did the most impulsive thing in my life thus far and switched my major to art. (My parents were not super excited.) My design career has definitely taken the scenic route with some stopovers in retail and as a rhythmic gymnastics coach. I landed at FYP in October 2016 as a Graphic Designer and love working with the team here!

How would you describe your design style?
I am a practical person who also really likes PRETTY things! I try to make this dichotomy work for me in the design process. Logical, clean designs that make good use of space but also have a little bit of fun and flair. I feel like this “Oh Baby” design I did for our recent Designer Balloon launch exemplifies my ideal style.

pink baby shower balloon

What are your current favorite font combinations?
Fonts, like people, are just so full of personality. Lately, I like my fonts to be a little quirky, like Naive Inline, The Hand and Tasty Two.

personalized cocktail napkin

What’s your favorite FYP product?
I think our Goodie Bags are fantastic! They are so full of potential, I personally like to imagine them fulfilling their destiny by holding donuts or sweets after a fun party!


personalized party favor bags


Where do you get inspiration?
Inspiration comes from everywhere in life: nature, books, movies, art exhibits. I try to spend time exploring new things and places to keep my brain creative and energized.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
I would like to imagine that I would be a beautiful, smart, majestic being like my dog (he’s a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix). I would most likely be a cat though—somewhat introverted, small bursts of exertion and lots of napping!  


German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix

cute cat napping


What’s your favorite travel destination?
I haven’t traveled extensively enough to say I have a favorite destination. However, my family and I have been exploring the natural wonders of the U.S. lately, and every place we go just blows my mind! I highly suggest marveling at how close the stars appear in the mountains of Utah, how magnificent Old Faithful is up close and how majestic it is to stand at (or near) the top of the Rocky Mountains.


old faithful

rocky mountains