Cotton Candy Champagne with Personalized Stir Sticks

Whether you’re planning a bubbly brunch with your gals or looking for an elegant, fun signature cocktail, Cotton Candy Champagne is a charming option.

– Champagne (or Prosecco would work just as well!)
– Cotton Candy
– Personalized Stir Sticks

Pour your bubbly. Close to serving, top the flute with a tuft of cotton candy and a Personalized Stir Stick. Guests can then use the stir stick to introduce the sweet candy into the champagne. The cotton candy will dissolve and give the drink a sweet taste and delicious color.

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Chicago River Green

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Are you gearing up for the biggest March holiday? While the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day parades and parties did not start on the Emerald Isle itself, the holiday is now a global celebration and a day when everyone is a bit Irish. And if not, just sprinkle on a little (or more) green, grab a Guinness and you’re good to go.

The actual holiday is always March 17; however, festivities last most of the month. If the 17th itself doesn’t fall on a Saturday, Chicago’s parade and river dyeing ceremony are always the Saturday prior. Seeing the Chicago River dyed a fantastic shade of emerald green should be on everyone’s Patty’s Day bucket list. In New York City, the parade is always on March 17. This parade, along with Boston, is the largest St. Patrick’s parade in the U.S.

Regardless of when or where you celebrate…celebrate! There is just something about the rush of planning and preparing for a party. Starting with your theme or occasion, you then get to choose colors, decor, food, drink and entertainment to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Looking forward to our own St. Patrick’s Day parties, we’ve pulled together a few ideas for you to throw a smashing success that will have nothing to do with luck.

St. Patrick's Day Decor DIY

Here at FYP, we are definitely fans of a well-placed DIY. Do-It-Yourself projects are often cost effective, tailored to exactly what you need, and oh-so-satisfying to complete. Don’t those fabulous LUCKY letters make you want to get crafting!? We love this quick tutorial from All you need are wooden block letters and copper colored paint, both of which can be picked up at your local craft store. And of course, the pennies! Those can probably be picked up from the bottom of your purse.

There are lots of festive options out there in terms of green drinks, even kid-friendly concoctions. We went with this (adult) Fuzzy Leprechaun recipe. Deck out your drinks by adding a colorful straw and Personalized Straw Tag with a cheery saying.

1 oz Peach Schnapps
1 oz Blue Curacao
1 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Orange Juice
½ oz Pineapple Juice
Orange slice and cherry for garnish

1. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well
2. Strain into a glass of ice and garnish with an orange and cherry

Personalized Cocktail Napkin Personalized Cocktail Napkin

Of course, you won’t want to serve your themed drinks and appetizers without the perfect complementary Personalized Cocktail Napkins. In this case, green with all the shamrocks and good luck to be found.

Colored green, rainbow and gold, shaped as shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, celtic knots…seriously, Pinterest will suggest sweet and savory snacks in all of the above. Just take your pick and click! The recipe for these adorable Shamrock Rice Krispie Treats is fairly simply. Just add green food coloring to your traditional Rice Krispie recipe, use a shamrock cookie cutter and top with sprinkles. Voila!

Have any special St. Patrick’s Day traditions of your own? Tell us in the comments below!


Photo credits: Choose Chicago,, and

Personalized Cocktail Napkin

The classic Old Fashioned is, well, classic. But sometimes it is fitting to skip the sweet and go neat. Get ready for this weekend with a smooth pour.


– Bourbon (try Maker’s Mark)
– Orange slice


Simply pour your desired amount into a tumbler, the same glass you would typically use for an Old Fashioned. Garnish with an orange, and enjoy slow and smooth. If you’d like to dilute your beverage, add water to taste. Complement all weekend long with a festive Personalized Cocktail Napkin. Huzzah!

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Secured your sought after desert destination wedding spot and now looking to ensure the perfect complementary decor? Or maybe you simply want to recreate that dreamy desert feel in your theme, right in your hometown venue.Custom Cocktail Napkins

On trend for spring and summer weddings is the modern desert look, complete with succulents, geodes, pink himalayan salt and all the good vibes. With just a few well-placed accents and personalized details, you can accomplish your desired look and feel with glamour and ease. Here are a few tips for bringing your reception to themed perfection.

Go all out with the natural additions. Succulents and a variety of small flowering cactus plants complemented by simple wild flowers add an incredible depth and beauty as the floral option. Succulents make for breathtaking bouquets and boutonnieres, while a mini cactus can be the perfect desert earth centerpiece. Other natural elements to incorporate into your decor are woods and burlaps. The natural sandy color is reminiscent of the desert landscape and, together with your greenery, will be sure to create the desired atmosphere for you and your guests.

Love on those details. But there’s no need to be extravagant to pull off your desired look and feel. Escort your guests to their tables with these warm Personalized Euro Place Cards with Shiny Copper Foil. As you can see, the simple addition of a few stones also adds to the natural setting.

Custom Place Cards

As guests are seated, great them with a place setting that seamlessly continues the theme. Simple dishes and flatware paired with personalized napkins in a soft color palette are an ideal atmosphere choice. There are so many napkin sizes you can choose from to suit your taste. Seen below is a Personalized Guest Towel Napkin in Honeydew with Shiny Copper Penny Foil. While it makes for a gorgeous plate, this option is a little less traditional than the Dinner Napkin or Personalized Cocktail Napkin shown above. Cocktail napkins are of course the ideal option for cocktail hours, appetizers and bar additions.

Personalized Guest Towel Napkins

Let’s talk favors. Mini flowering cactus plants are adorable and creative take-home gifts. Tie a Personalized Gift Tag around the base of your cactus for a beautiful ‘thank you’ that is as unique as you and your new spouse. Make your memorabilia memorable by putting a spin on the traditional matchbox favor and pairing it with a sparkler send off to give your guests a special something that they also use during your big day. Add an extra touch with Personalized Sparkler Sleeves to really dazzle. Just think of the gorgeous photo op!

Personalized Party Favors


Personalized Stir Stick

Dreaming of summer? Us. Too. Brighten up your weekend with this light and refreshing Lemon Lime Spritzer.

serves four

– 1/2 cup of vodka (we recommend Ketel One)
– 1/3 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 limes)
– 1/3 cup simple syrup
– club soda
– lemon wedges
– fresh mint
– ice


Mix together your vodka, lime juice and simple syrup. Pour over ice and top off with club soda. Garnish with a lemon wedge and fresh mint. Stir in a fabulous Personalized Stir Stick. Visualize the sunshine. Cheers!

Happy Valentine’s Day from ForYourParty! Did you have a fancy dinner to celebrate with your S.O. this past weekend? Planning one tonight? Maybe you surrounded yourself with your besties for a little Galentine’s brunch—or are looking forward to one of the many, many local events being offered.

Personalized Party Products

Whatever your preferred celebratory style might be, we hope you do a little something. Because here at FYP, we’re all about the festivities. In fact, we threw a little soirèee ourselves and thought we’d share the details.

French Toast Churro Bites

There were more than enough treats to go around. These adorable and delicious French Toast Churro Bites were definitely an office favorite.

Of course, there was also no shortage of cute personalized party products! Be Mine and Your Rock Heart Straw Tags played double duty as straw tags, while also making the perfect addition to these yummy chocolate heart lollipops. Which, yes, a lovely girl in our office HOMEMADE.

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Not to mention the personalized napkins. We featured Candy Pink and Lipstick Red Cocktail Napkins for a fabulous Valentine’s palette. The simple sayings added just the right festive touch. Paired with custom Full Color Square Heart Coasters, our table was complete.

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

We hope your day was as sweet as ours! Feel free to share in the comments below. Off to fight the sugar comma.

FYPPersonalized Party Products

Where are you from? College? Job at FYP?

Hey! I’m Ella and I too, design for, which has been especially fun this year as we gear up for our…shhhh… brand new website launch! ETA TBA. And with such a fabulous, talented team of designers sharing the same space five days of the week, there’s always a reason to throw a little celebration. No lack of treats and toasts here, folks.

But how did I get to this point, you ask? Flashback to early 2000s when fashion was awful (and coming back in style already??). I was attending RIT in my home city Rochester, NY, having the time of my life studying and doing what I loved. I came out with a degree in Fine Art Photography but alas, when it came to entering the actual working world the hustle wasn’t what I sought, so I delved into a visual art a bit more applicable to hirers. I moved to Boston, opened up a phonebook(!) and landed my first Graphic Design internship with Alphabet Arm Design. ‘Course we all know internships don’t pay bills, so I also worked as Quality Control for a Print Shop as well.

Eventually, it was time to explore warmer, more fantastical parts of the country. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, I did Photo Research and continued freelance designing, doing mostly wedding invitations and logos. Then again, found myself packing up my little Honda and moving off to Chicago where I had some family members, met my now husband and generally felt more at home. Work for, and work parties at, ForYourParty ensued.

How would you describe your design style?  Where do you get inspiration?Printed Wedding Invitation
When it comes to design, simplicity is key, but what many don’t understand until they try is that it’s pretty tricky to get to that point. A graphic eye and a skill at editing are necessities. I’m inspired by vintage travel posters, architecture and fashion (excluding ‘90s, early 2000s—I have photos that speak as to why not). And at the risk of sounding dreamy, the ever-changing colors and textures of the sky are a huge inspiration to me as well. So to sum up my own design style: it still really depends on what the assignment is, but I go for clean and timeless with some character and movement. An example of movement in design would be the leaves in this letterpress invitation suite.

What are your current favorite font combinations?
Font combinations take some trial and error but when you get it right, you know! Contrast is key to a good combo, and as a general rule (that can be broken) one font should be more simple and neutral than the other. A couple examples would be Huxley with Mandate, TastyTwo with Antonio, or Flirt and PrintClearly like on this chic Personalized Cocktail Recipe Napkin. It’s also great when the fonts interact with each other like on this colorful boo Personalized Cup.

What’s your favorite FYP product?
I think our Petite Cocktail Napkins are by far the cutest. Not only are they part of our super soft and plush Linen Like Napkin Line, but at just 4 inches square they are adorable while still being substantial enough to land a beer or a bonbon! I love this lush green floral design. Green is my favorite color and also Pantone Color of the year, y’all!

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
This is a great question. Having had beagles and beagle mixes in my life, you know I’m biased. Their big floppy ears and stocky stance make them irresistible, and in common with me, they have a keen sense of smell. Having had this discussion with a friend in the past though, the consensus was I would be a beagle greyhound mix, as the greyhound has that super chill, quiet demeanor, and runs like the wind. This is what a beagle greyhound mix might look like.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

My most fabulous travel stories come from a Costa Rican trip with my sister, specifically our five-day hike through the Corcovado National Park. Just the two of us, no guide, not another human soul in sight on the single sometimes ambiguous path that wound through wild hot forest and beach. This picture is near the end of one day’s hike, as if sent from heaven above after an eight-hour trek carrying a 40-pound pack, in sandals that cut into my feet, a waterfall pool all to ourselves. Later in the trip we hiked through cloud forests more inland in the mountains, and that is where I would go back to in a heartbeat.

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
I’m pretty domestic these days, cooking dinners at home and lunching on leftovers. But our go-to last minute eat out spot is walkable from our place, has a great beer selection, outdoor seating, and I have yet to order food that I wasn’t crazy about, which says a lot for me! If you’re on the north side of Chicago, you should check out Peckish Pig!

Party Balloons

Looking for just the right finishing touch that will really pop at your upcoming party? We are simply B·U·R·S·T·I·N·G with excitement to share a brand new product now offered by ForYourParty. Designer balloons! These 12-inch latex balloons are sold in packs of 3—with five fabulous colors and a variety of cheery sayings you can mix and match to make the perfect combination for any occasion.

Our Top 10 Balloon Uses:

  1. Guest of honor chair accent
  2. Centerpieces
  3. Photobooth backdrop
  4. Mailbox marker
  5. Display pictures
  6. Archway into party
  7. Party favors
  8. Cake topper
  9. Outdoor decor
  10. Display place cards

We hope you love these cute new additions as much as we do. Have more ideas on how to incorporate balloons into your party? Tell us in the comments!


Alright, ladies. Real talk. It’s February—that time of year where we may be tempted to feel a little single lady self-pity. But let’s channel our inner Leslie Knope and remember that there is so much to celebrate here. That’s right, we’re thinking Galentines. It’s time to round up all your best lady friends (single or not) and celebrate the beautiful love that is friendship.

Take note from Leslie, the leading lady herself, and throw a brunch party with your gal pals. ‘Cause really, what’s better than friends and brunch? Donuts at brunch? We can make that happen. Now pop the bubbly, pull out your pinks and reds and all the glitter. There are so many fantastic ways to make your Galentine’s Day party fabulous and fun for all your girls!

Galentines Mimosa Stir StickDrinks
Add a sweet pink twist to your classic mimosa with blood orange, pomegranate or guava juice. Dress up your drinks with fruit adorned stir sticks and complete the look with a festive custom coaster or personalized cocktail napkin.

Galentines Mimosa CoasterFood
Brunch food is as savory and sweet as the memories made. From fresh fruit to frittata’s and every delicious bite in-between, your menu is sure to wow. Just don’t forget the waffles! Check out this mouth-watering recipe The Crepes of Wrath created to replicate what they think must be JJ’s Diner Belgian Waffles. Yum.

Valentines DIY TableclotheDecor
We are totally crushing on this DIY tablecloth from Popsugar. It’s cute, easy to make and will definitely add a festive touch to the table—you could even sprinkle some Confetti for a little extra glam. Drape a Tassel Banner behind your setting, and it will be picture perfect!

Gold and Cream Tassel Banner and Gold Confetti

Whatever you do, surrounded by your best gals, we know it will be a success. Hope you have the best day ever!

Leslie Knope Galentines Day

Personalized Super Bowl CupsYou’ve placed your bets, made your fantasy picks and donned your team colors. It’s almost time to fire up the grill and arrange the perfect couch-to-TV distance for optimal Super Bowl viewing. Or Super Bowl commercial viewing. It’s all about perception, really. But seriously, have you heard about this year’s halftime show?

Regardless, we hope you’ve gone on the offensive with your party planning. We have a few recommendations. Like a carefully strategized playbook, food and drinks should be planned ahead and executed with success. Have your beverages of choice chilled with the option of Personalized Cups to keep things festive and Personalized Coasters to run interference. Appetizers and finger foods at the ready with Personalized Napkins on the defense.

And don’t forget, there’s more than one kind of bowl! Puppy Bowl XIII and Kitten Bowl IV continue on for another year, winning fans over with all of their furry cuteness.

Cheer on your team (and rate those commercials) with family and friends this year—you’ll for sure have a win!