Party Animals: Bark Mitzvahs, Dog Birthdays & Party Invitations


Raise the “Roof! Roof!” for Dog Parties
Pet parties are not just for eccentric animal lovers anymore. We’re seeing more and more customers ordering personalized party supplies for their Bark Mitzvahs, Yappy Birthday Parties and Howl-oween Haunts. Yes, those are all incredibly cute—and totally real, parties that our customers are having for their beloved pets!
Chances are, you’re either excited about this trend or rolling your eyes. Well, if your pooch is really your best friend, then wouldn’t be a bit rude not to throw a birthday bash? And since we’re a bit dog crazy ourselves, here’s a look at some currently trending dog party ideas.

Yappy Birthday!
There’s a good chance you already celebrate your dog’s birthday, in some small way. Maybe you wrap up a new chew toy or snap a photo of Fido wearing a party hat. This year, take it up a notch: invite your friends and their fury companions over for pup cake and playtime. Yes, “pup cakes” are special cakes for dogs. And if you’ve never seen them before, you’ll be quite impressed. Just look how adorable these mini pup cakes are, like this one from Chic Sprinkles.

Besides the cake, make sure you have plenty of dog birthday party supplies. We recommend filling a laundry basket full of dog toys. Party hats and “doggy bags” full of take-home treats are also sweet touches. Start making the ultimate dog party invitations today! If you’re having trouble calculating your dog’s age in human years, check out this handy-dandy Dog Years Calculator.

Bark Mitzvah
The Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a coming of age ceremony generally celebrated by Jewish girls or boys at age 12 or 13. As you can probably guess, a bark mitzvah is usually celebrated when dogs turn either 13 months or 13 years old. Party planners are known to fasten Fido with a yarmulke and tallit (prayer shawl). Better start practicing those Torah readings!

Walking hot dogs. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Puppy pirates. If your dog doesn’t mind dressing up, help him or her celebrate the spookiest night of the year! There are countless adorable costumes for sale online. Maybe you’re already planning a Halloween party? Include a “Pets Welcome” note on your invitations. You’ll love some of the creative costume combos that will trot through your door!


Does your canine have a crush? Have some fun planning a dog wedding! Find a tux and wedding gown at your local pet store. Send out some playful wedding invitations a couple days in advance. When the organ starts, try leading the dogs down the aisle with some strategically placed treats. Take plenty of pictures and try not blubber too much during the bow-vows.


And if you’re missing a cute kid to carry the rings in your own wedding, why not ask your most loyal companion? This job isn’t just for dogs, either. Remember Jinxy Cat from “Meet The Parents”?

Dog Days of Summer Cookout
Tired of hiding from the mid-summer heat? Invite all your dog friends over for some fun in the sun. But if you think it will be too hot, consider hosting the party in the evening or provide a kiddie pool full of water. For a cool treat, freeze some dog toys in a block of chicken broth. For your human guests, serve hot dogs on quirky dog party napkins. Start designing your dog party invitations today!

Happy Howl-idays
A howl-iday party is the perfect place to debut that new dog sweater. You can also see if your pup will wear a Santa hat or reindeer antlers—just like Max from “The Grinch”! For a much simpler look, just fasten some holly, thistle or jingle bells to the collar. As a party favor, send guests home with a “doggy bag” full of holiday-themed dog treats.


A little quirky? Yes. But there’s no denying that you and your pup will have a tail-wagging good time hosting a dog birthday party, cookout or howl-iday bash. Once you finalize the guest list, browse for dog party invitations and customized dog birthday party supplies!

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