Perfect winter favor: coffee mug and doughnut

If your big day is taking place in the winter, you have tons of seasonal inspiration for your wedding favors. The key is to offer guests something comforting and warm to help get them through the cold weather. Some believe the perfect wedding favor is a coffee mug and doughnut combination.

Use your imagination to select the perfect mug style. You can opt for something that matches your wedding color palette or just settle on an equally chic clear glass mug. However, oversized mugs are very popular because they allow your guests to indulge in an extra large serving of coffee, hot cocoa, tea or another cold weather beverage.

You could even collect mismatched mugs and display them like this Louisiana Wedding on Ruffled Blog.


Add a special touch to your mugs by personalizing them. Write the name of your guests, the lyrics of a winter song, or message like “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” on them. Another fun and trendy option is to write “Stay calm, and keep warm” on each one. Here’s a great example from DIY Wedding.


Head to a gourmet shop and order enough doughnuts for your mug wedding favors. You can mix up the flavors you put inside each favor or order one delicious kind. Go all out and customize your own winter doughnuts with powdered sugar and sprinkles on the top to resemble snow. Wrap each sweet treat in a customized cellophane bag that features the words “Eat Me” or another fun message on top. Then wrap each bag in personalized ribbon so the doughnuts stay fresh until your guests have an opportunity to start chowing down. Use this lovely set from The Knot as inspiration! If you’d like to use customized labels (as seen below) instead of ribbon, we offer that as well!


Don’t forget you can also personalize our Paper Cups and Stir Sticks to create a lovely treat for all of your guests. Use a doughnut hole or some small cookies to add something sweet to the treat.


Personalized goodie bags
You’ve already customized your mug and doughnut bag, so why stop there? Place both items in a custom gift bag that has the name of you and your future spouse written on the front. Then your perfect wintertime wedding favor is complete.

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