Personalize your bridesmaid gifts

Do something extra special for your favorite girls for being so supportive leading up to and on your big day. You may consider choosing a gift that has an added personal touch to it. Rather than choosing a traditional gift, like a framed photo or dancing flip flops, take some  inspiration from our favorite gift ideas that your girls will be able to use again and again.

We love the idea of monogrammed jewelry. Below are some beautiful monogramed rings from Jennifer Zeuner. You can also shop by letter at C. Wonder and choose different pieces depending on each girl’s tastes – it’s not necessary that everyone has the same gift. In fact, it’s more personal and sweet if you choose each gift separately.


Give each girl a gift set of high-end, custom note cards. You can have them monogrammed or design an elegant graphic to give them some flair. Note cards make great gifts for your letter-writing girls.

You could even buy on-trend clutches. Unless you are positive about which color to buy for each of your girls, you can choose something neutral, like taupe. The clutches can do double-duty: they can be used to store lipstick and gum during the long wedding day and reception night, and your girls will be able to use them long after the wedding if they’re not too matchy-matchy with your wedding colors. Here is a lovely set complete with a lace flower and detail from Davie and Chiyo on etsy.


Go for trendy taupe ballet flats or a pair of TOMS from their wedding collection. Flats or TOMS in a neutral color are perfect dancing shoes but can be worn again and again after the wedding fun is over. You can wrap them up in tulle and add a thoughtful note for a personal touch.


Pamper the girls with a sexy silk robe. They can wear it the morning of while getting hair and makeup done and then relish the luxuriousness in their own homes long after. You could go for something neutral, or you could be more adventurous and choose a fun pattern that will brighten their spirit every time they wear it. Here are some beautiful kimono-inspired, floral patterned robes from Silk and More on etsy.


Handmade soaps and body products never go out of style. Look for organic, local items made out of products like olive oil, goat’s milk, honey and locally grown lavender. There are plenty of DIY recipes, but there are also a large amount of etsy listings with organic, handmade soaps, like this lavender soap from Sciarretta Farms.


Personalize each gift (try to spend about the same amount on each gift, however) if you know each of your bridesmaids very well. For example, if a few girls like a specific cosmetics brand, buy each a few products from her favorite line and put them in personalized gift bags tied with custom ribbon. If some of your bridesmaids are athletic and active, get them some cute workout gear or a personalized and cute off-the shoulder sweatshirts.

Just make sure to have fun with your gifts, focus on each bridesmaid individually, and you’re sure to come up with personal gifts that are special and appreciated.

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