Planning ideas for your next book club meeting

So it’s your turn to host the next book club meeting. There’s no need to be nervous when you can make the event a memorable one by putting some extra thought into planning and preparation.

Print out fun save-the-date cards and pass them out at the previous meeting.

Planning the party’s decor and food around a theme can help get guests into the mood to dish on the book. Think of the main character’s favorite dessert or the location of the plot to help you find inspiration.

Food and refreshments
Book clubs are versatile, so you can have the event at any time of day.

Brunch – If your event is planned on an early weekend afternoon, prepare brunch items. Arrange fruit, pastries, juice and maybe mimosas on a buffet table so guests can help themselves.

Cocktails – When book club meetings fall around early evening, treat guests to cocktails and light appetizers.

Tea – Plan a tea-themed menu if you’re reviewing a period piece.

Wine – Consider a bring-your-own-wine party if your guests’ drink preferences cover a wide spectrum.

For some, tearing out pages of a book is a capital offense, but it can also can lead to a creative table dressing. Using an old book you won’t miss, tear out sheets and tape them together to fit the length of your dining room table or coffee table. You can also wrap up water bottles with extra pages. For a personalized touch, create customized coasters and napkins with impactful quotes from the book. If you print different passages, use them as prompts to steer your conversation throughout the meeting.

Other tips
Have distractions been a problem at previous meetings? Consider banning cell phones during your event so there aren’t any interruptions as you get deep into discussion.

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