Planning the perfect zombie party

The vampire craze may have dwindled in the past couple of years, but zombie madness is still going strong. Maybe it’s because of the popularity of shows like “The Walking Dead” that zombie walks and flash mobs have sprouted up across major metropolitan areas. Help fuel the craze with a zombie-themed Halloween party, allowing your guests to use their creativity to look the most undead.

Costume contest
If you’re going to encourage your guests to dress up in their most gruesome zombie garb, there better be a competition at the end of the night. Designate three or more of your undead-obsessed friends to be judges for the contest. Make a scoring rubric based on originality, amount of gore, scare level and other fun attributes.

Either you can sit guests down to watch a couple of the scariest zombie-related flicks or you can play them in the party’s background. No matter which option you choose, it will help set the mood. Here is a short list of movie ideas: “Dawn of the Dead,” “Zombieland,” or “28 Days Later.”

You can also create some wigged-out undead pumpkins with a bit of creativity. Martha Stewart uses a mini saw to carve out large circular holes for the eyes and a squiggly line for the mouth. Glue in plastic balls that are painted to look like bloodshot eyes. She goes even further by using white pumpkins to create the undead complexion.

Zombie treats
Cupcakes are an easy dessert to bake or buy ahead of time. To make them look undead, crumble Oreo cookies until they resemble dirt and sprinkle them on the cupcakes. You can add hands, gummy worms and other toppings to up the scare factor. Also, there are a variety of molds to make your party extra zombified like brain ice cubes to place inside drinks.

From blood-red martinis to eyeballs for olives, there are tons of ways to bring a frightful twist to your cocktails. If serving up shots, pour a bit of cream into the glass, which will curdle and look like brains. Also, you can design your own stadium cups with the zombie message of your choice.

Frightening favors
It’s always a nice touch to offer favors to your party guests. This can be as simple as a decorated party bag with a scary image and saying, or a jelly belly candy box with a similar message.

No matter the party theme – from zombie bash to wedding reception – we have all the customizable party favors you’ll need to create a memorable event.

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