Pretty useful things!

Form and function is always a consideration when we design and create new event accessories. We love the eye-catching loveliness of a perfectly set monogram at a wedding and we have an even deeper appreciation for it when it’s presented on coasters or stir sticks. As new trends are hot and sometimes fleeting, reusable, practical, useful, functional and handy are permanent standards for thrilling celebrations that are also memorable!

Our LaVie Candy tins arrive to guests as sweet treats to celebrate any fruity festivity but can easily be reused again and again. Personalized stir sticks are a perfect way to send a message to guests and can be cut down and added to cupcakes or used as low-ball glass stirrers.

Matches can light up the sparklers for a Bride & Groom’s departure from their wedding or can be the perfect gift for friends and family for around the house uses, check out our Home Set of packaged matches under our Grab and Go area of our website:

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