Real Parties: 50th Anniversary


This week we’re sharing a classic 1920’s, Gatsby themed Anniversary party, beautifully designed by our very own design team using a rich black accented with metallic golds and shiny silvers to fill the entire suite with life and personality.


Start off with a bang with our beautiful Luxe Crystal White Luncheon Napkins and Shiny Gold foil. Our ‘Parisian’ font is a perfect choice for the Gatsby theme and the diamond accents add a nice touch of glam to a simple design.


To spice up your cocktail hour, try using our White Round Coasters with Matte Black. By using a design that is very geometric, we take stereotypical elements of the 20’s theme and add a bit of our own modern flair.


Our Stardream Galvanized Silver paper with Shiny Silver foil is a beautifully subtle combination that adds a touch of glam to any event, especially when used on our Riviera Matches. Keeping with the geometric theme, we are taking elements from other products in the suite and using them in new ways.


For placecards, we fittingly went with our Regal Placecard in Natural White. Using a similar design as our coasters and Shiny Silver foil, we are helping to create a motif throughout our suite without being redundant or boring.

NYSS_50th_napkin ring_2014blog

A product we don’t see much of is our Napkin Rings (here you see our Natural White with Shiny Gold), but they can actually add a lovely accent to any table setting. We wanted to switch up the typefaces to give the suite a little more life, but still keep on theme. So using our Empire typeface, which contains elongated, straight letters, helped us do just that. Of course to create a cohesive look throughout the entire suite, we continue to use our line and diamond accents.


We can’t forget one of the most necessary items to any event: cocktail napkins! Here, were using our Luxe Galvanized Silver Cocktail Napkins with Matte Black foil. By combining our accents and all of our typefaces, we’re creating a conversation throughout our entire suite of products, which is what you should always strive for. You want all of your products to interact well with one another.


The most glam element of this suite must be our Classic Layered Menu. We are using our Metallic Gold Gloss underneath our Natural Black with Shiny Gold foil. Again, keeping with our original theme, we are using our ‘Parisian’ font and small diamonds to accent between each menu section.


Don’t forget about small details to add accents to each part of the event. Our Oval Stir Sticks are the perfect detail to make each cocktail something special.


Finally, our Round Gift Tags, in our Metallic Gold Matte Paper and Matte Black foil, are the perfect end to our Gatsby themed night.

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