Real Parties: Judith & James’ St. Louis Wedding


This week, we’d like to feature a very special wedding on our Real Parties series. Judith & James were married at the City Museum in St. Louis with a theme of Scotland & Bicycles.

From Judith herself, “When we got engaged, we knew right away that we wanted to pick a venue that our guests would never forget. Not only is it a beautiful and unique space but our guests could go down a six story slide!”  The venue, the theme, the decor—everything about the event is to die for, and Nicole Welch does an amazing job capturing the energy and love of the entire night. This wedding is extra special for us here at ForYourParty, because our very own Rachel Anderson was in the wedding party and helped Judith find the perfect products to spice up her event! “The night was filled with love, laughter, and adventure which felt like the perfect way to start the rest of our lives together.”


“Loved seeing our friends have so much fun all over the city museum! And seeing all of our favorite people together in one place.”

When asked about her favorite part of the day, Judith says “Definitely the venue. There was a human size rat wheel in our reception hall! A lot of people hadn’t been to St. Louis before our wedding and I think a lot of them will be coming back based on the City Museum alone.”

Judith and James chose to use beautifully designed bicycle-accented cocktail napkins to fit their theme of Bicycles & Scotland. 

To add a little something special to their day, Rachel designed these lovely programs for the ceremony.


Adding the perfect pop of color, Judith chose yellow floral bouquets from Flowers Les Bouquets.

More than anything, the love Judith and James share shines throughout the entire day and paints a beautiful picture of the beginning of their lives together.



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