Real Parties: Karli & Sean

ForYourParty would love to start featuring more Real Parties from our wonderful customers, starting with Karli & Sean’s San Francisco wedding. Celebrated at San Francisco’s City Hall, and captured by Geoff White Photography, Karli and Sean really stayed true to the classically simple wedding theme, using a timeless black and white color palette. Adding a twist to their classic palette, they included polka dots and a touch of blush pink as accents to add some fun to their big day. We asked Karli to share some thoughts on her relationship and how her wedding reflected the uniqueness of their love:

“We were together since high school — 15 years — before our wedding day, and we wanted every detail to reflect our fairytale love. We are also big on tradition, and wanted a classic, upscale feel that would stand the test of time in our pictures and memories. I love pink, but we went with a chic black and white theme and had some fun adding subtle polka dots to various details, like the groom’s tie, our step and repeat red carpet, and candy bar. I threw in a pop of blush pink on my shoes and bouquet. It was lovely!”


“My favorite moment of the day was our solo time snapping pictures in the streets of San Francisco. The whole experience was such a whirlwind (a wonderful one!) but, it was the moment I made myself stop, look, and listen that I was able to really take it all in. We love our city, and it was nice to steal a moment alone with my new husband. Well, alone, save for our personal paparazzi!”


“We’ve attended several gorgeous weddings, and while everyone believes their own is the best, I’d say what made ours unique is our story. Together since 15 years old, our courtship was never interrupted despite college and careers. We are both from the Bay Area and have been pulled in different directions during our long distance time, so holding our wedding in the most iconic San Francisco venue meant a lot to us. For that night, it was our personal palace, and we are thrilled we get to pass by our favorite spot all the time!”



Karli and Sean used our black and white cocktail napkins to give their guests something fun to read while enjoying their cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres. We love seeing this level of personalization in our napkins, as it adds such a great amount of personality to the day and makes us feel like a real part of our customers’ special day.

“I included completely customized ForYourParty cocktail napkins for our cocktail hour and they were a total hit — and a hoot! I personalized them with funny facts about me and my new husband. We’ve been together since high school so there were some good ones, such as “Sean dumped Karli freshman year of high school. She is still mad about it,” and “Karli said ‘I love you’ first in a poem. Sean replied in pager code.” I had a total of 6 funny phrases printed in black and white to go with our theme. Guests had a good laugh about it and learned some new things about us while enjoying the delicious hors d’ oeuvres.”




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