Real Parties: Love is in the Air

In this weeks edition of ForYourParty’s ‘Real Parties’ series, we wanted to share with you a lovely set of inspirational products, custom designed by our designers for a beautiful ‘Love is in the Air’ themed wedding. For this suite of products, we chose a soft palette of purples and ivory with pops of deep plum and amethyst hues.

To start off this beautiful suite, we have designed a set of luncheon napkins, in our Amethyst and Plum with Shiny Gold foil, with a hot air balloon motif with an adorable, accompanying phrase ‘Up Up and Away!’


As a soft compliment to the deep luncheon napkins, we have chosen our Lavender cocktail napkin with Satin Plum foil. Instead of motif, we have placed the couples’ names and the location simply on the napkin. If you aren’t using any graphics, get creative with our text. For example, try using periods or lines to accent your text in a interesting ways.


If you’re looking for something to make each plate setting pop, consider designing your own custom placecards. Here you’ll see our Classic Placecards in Natural Sand with Satin Plum foil.

Using our Square White Coasters with Satin Plum foil, we have created a design that implements the entire theme of the event. By combing two varying typefaces and a ribbon motif, we have turned the simple phrase into something truly memorable.


Vary your designs among products to give your suite some life. Here we are using our Plum Guest Towels and using the same typefaces and motifs as before, but by changing up the text, we give the suite a little something extra.

Again, by using the same composition on our Classic Matches as we did on our coasters, but switching up the text, we avoid too much repetition, which can lead to a dull suite of products. We’re using our Natural Sand paper in order to correspond with our placecards, but using Shiny Rose Gold foil to enhance the entire suite.

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