Real Parties: Underwater Birthday

As part of our Real Parties series, we are going to showcase some of our favorite, inspirational products that our designers here at ForYourParty have custom designed. This week, we will be taking a look into our Underwater Birthday party. To create a sea-themed day, we’ve used products such as our scallop tags, party bags, oval stir sticks, and more.


One of the most important elements to consider when creating your products, is to stick with a color scheme and carry it throughout all of your designs. In this case, we chose pinks, purple, teal, and a hint of orange for a tropical touch.

NYSS_underwater_birthday_bev napkin_blog

Adding to the underwater theme, we are using our jellyfish graphic with a great typeface pairing: Rosewood & Neutra. Our Rose Petal cocktail napkin with our Matte Amethyst foil add the perfect girly touch to the celebration.

Don’t forget to use every opportunity to add a personal touch to your day! Give your drinks some life with our Fuchsia striped straws and Stardream Tiffany Blue heart tags.


Showcase your menu in style with our Classic Layered Menu Card. Here, we are using our Poptone Violet and Stardream Tiffany Blue with Matte Amethyst foil. Create some consistency within your designs by using the same graphics on some of your products, like the jellyfish that we previously saw on our cocktail napkins.

NYSS_underwater_birthday_gift tag_blog

Add some personalization to your party favors with our scalloped gift tags! Create something truly special by incorporating a clever or funny phrase. Here we’ve used our Shiny Rose Quartz foil on our Poptone Violet gift tag.

NYSS_underwater_birthday_stir stick_blog

There’s no such thing as too much customization. Use our Oval stir sticks to add an extra dose of personality to the event. Keeping with the theme, we chose our Matte Teal/Peacock foil.

So take some inspiration from us and custom design your own suite of products for your next big celebration!

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