Recycle your leftover wedding wine corks

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Once you’ve finally tied the knot and danced the night away with friends and family, you’ll likely have a few items left over–a few slices of wedding cake, monogrammed napkins, some table centerpieces and more than a few corks from your vino. But don’t throw away those corks just yet – there are so many cute DIY projects.  We’ve sorted through some of the best, so prepare to be inspired.

Wine glass charms
The next time you have people over to your humble abode and you pull out the wine glasses, give everyone their very own wine glass charms. Slice up a cork into 1/2-inch discs, choose your favorite letters to stamp on each piece, pop in a miniature eye screw and attach some twine to tie around the stem of the glass. They are completely adorable, and what could be better than wine cork wine charms?


Cork furniture
If you’re searching for the perfect coffee table for your living room or need to amp up the bar in your basement, try corks! Cut each cork in half lengthwise and hot glue the halves onto the table. Then place of piece of glass to rest on the corks for a smooth and stylish surface. Do the same for your bar to set the mood for a party. You could choose to use full corks also, as seen below, featured on Lush Home.


A monogram
Can’t get enough of your new last name after the nuptials? Use your corks to create a modern looking monogram that you can hang on the wall above your bed or use it for a bit of living room decor. Visit your nearest craft store and pick up the wooden letter or letters of your choice. When you get home, glue the corks to the letter much like you would put a puzzle together. If the pieces don’t fit, don’t be afraid to cut or shave them down a bit. Here is an example of beautiful cork ampersand from Totally Green Crafts.


If you’re especially crafty, this DIY project will be perfect for you. You can make your own stamps using wine corks, a pen and an exacto knife. Carve whatever design you would like your stamp to have, try a star, flower, letter or a heart (which would come in very handy for your wedding thank-you notes!). To make the stamp pad, just pour a little acrylic paint on an old washcloth so you can dab your stamp on it without saturating it with paint.

Frame artwork
You could even take the wine corks from your wedding and frame them around a large picture of the two of you or maybe a quote that describes the love you have for one another. This can serve as a special piece of artwork to hang in your new home. Take some inspiration from this cork frame from Hostess with the Mostess.


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