This September the 11th will mark the 10 Year anniversary of the Twin Towers tragedy; a day that forever changed the lives of every American and brought us closer together as a country.

The following information is provided by a website that offers posts about the men, women, and family members affected by 9/11.

“An estimated 2,973 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks.  The death toll at the World Trade Center included 60 police officers and 343 firefighters, 87 passengers aboard American Flight 11, 60 on United Flight 175, and over 2,000 occupants and neighbors of the WTC.  The death toll at the Pentagon included 125 people from the Pentagon and 64 passengers on American Flight 77.  And 44 people lost their lives on United Flight 93.”

Our prayers and thoughts go out to those who are still affected by this terrible tragedy.

Photo provided by ForYourParty

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