Real Parties: Rock Star Bar Mitzvah

Last week, we shared with you a wonderful Candyland Themed Bat Mitzvah. Now we’d like to give you some inspiration for a Bar Mitzvah, in the form of a Rock Star Bar Mitzvah! Using our straw tags, coasters, and special themed place cards, we were able to create a successful suite of products that sticks with the Rock Star theme.

We chose a range of blue hues with silver accents: the perfect Rock Star Palette. Starting with our Turquoise Cocktail Napkin and a Shiny Royal Blue foil, we set the tone of the entire night with a fun mix of typefaces and a guitar motif.


Give your guests a taste of the Rock Star theme with our special Laser-Cut Guitar Placecard. Try it in our Poptone Teal/Peacock with Satin Silver foil.

To keep everything consistent, consider using the same design on multiple products, like we are doing with our White Round Coasters and Cocktail Napkins.


Why not dress up your menu with graphics and fun typefaces to give your guests something exciting to look at as well as to inform them of their meal options. Here, we are using our Classic Layered Menu with Metallic Silver Matte underneath our Natural Slate with a Shiny Silver foil imprint.


Incorporate your color palette in exciting ways using our Gray Striped Straws and Pennant Straw Tags.


Don’t forget to thank your guests! Our Any Color Notecards + Envelopes work great as thank you cards.

Consider our Round Gift Tags for a small, but fun, accent to your party favors. Vary your graphics throughout your designs to keep your theme interesting and not repetitive. Here we are using our Metallic Silver Matte paper and Satin Teal/Peacock foil.

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