Scare guests with a spooky haunted house party

This Halloween there is no need to visit a haunted house when you can turn your home into a spooky attraction. We want to show you how to create the ultimate eerie decorations perfect for the whole family:

Take a photo of a haunted house and use it as a backdrop for customized post card invitations. You can set the font in an old fashion typeface and use classic Halloween orange to evoke the theme even further. Or go for an all-text invitation! You can even design and upload your very own on our website.

Tombstone yard
The creative minds behind the Martha Stewart website offer some tips to turn your lawn into a graveyard. Don’t pick up fallen leaves just yet – they help create the eerie scene. Stick store-bought tombstones in the ground and either rustle up the dirt in front or add fresh potting soil to look as if someone has been trying to leave their grave. For a fun party twist, buy blank tombstones and stencil on the names of your party guests. To anchor in the theme you can also place pumpkins and lanterns around the yard. This could also be a great DIY opportunity. Just buy some large styrofoam pieces to create your own tombstone shapes. Buy some gray spray paint and a black marker to finish off this erie project.

As guests make their way to your front door they won’t know what to expect as they enter. Increase the drama with a cobweb-filled doorway. Also, take an old rocking chair out of storage or borrow a friend’s to cover in webs as well. Or if you’re looking for some fresh, new ideas try this trash bag entry way. Just cut up a black trash bag into tiny strips and twist and stretch the pieces for that erie look.


Spooky silhouettes
Martha Stewart also creates interest on the second floor with peculiar-looking silhouettes. She creates these disturbing figures by painting an image of a man or woman on inexpensive drapes. Hang the curtains as you normally would and leave the lights on to showcase the figures. Or you could even try cutting shapes out of cardboard you have around the house, like this batch and witch window silhouette.

Do-not-enter stairwell
Another haunted house trick is to close off your upstairs stairwell. This keeps the party confined to one area, and is another place to show your Halloween decorating chops. Use cobwebs to make it look old and cover the area with caution tape.

Table Decor
You can’t forget about personalized napkins. We have so many great halloween themed designs for you. Order as is or customize your own! napkins_halloween


Specimen jars
Here is a use for your flower vases: Turn them into specimen jars with red food coloring and strategically thought out “body parts.” Cabbage with the first few leaves removed works as a brain and a fennel bulb just needs its stems cut off to look like a heart. Martha Stewart has a great tutorial walking you through these steps.

specimen jars

Take home treats
At the end of the frightening evening, offer guests a candy-filled gift. Customize party bags with an image of a haunted house or spooky Halloween character. Then, fill with candy corn, popcorn, and other treats.


Make your own black candy-holder cups, or consider using our black Stadium Cups throughout the part or as candy-holders. Try putting a jack-o-lantern face on them! Use these from This Heart of Mine Blog as inspiration.


Check out all the customizable items we have to turn your Halloween or any other holiday bash into a memorable occasion.

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