So many typefaces so little time.

We love typefaces almost more than we love our significant others. To share our love affair with you we offer over 85 different typefaces through our website. We encourage everyone to play with all the typefaces but we understand when you just need a good font quick. Here are a few examples of typefaces we carry and when the right time to use them is.

Bodoni XT, this traditional serif typeface is perfect for events that you may describe as established and important. It’s a very readable font at any size. (Serifs are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters.)

Burgues Script, elegant and romantic perfectly describe this flourished typeface. It’s ideal for a wedding, bridal shower, or any sophisticated and chic event.

Empire, this extremely tall, narrow and thin typeface makes a sleek and edgy statement on any party accessory or invitation. Use this typeface for any event that is edgy, modern or vogue.

Honey Script, this slender and slightly looping typeface is a handwriting font. It’s delicate and sweet, wonderful for fun playful events or charming messages of love.

Copperplate, the masculine and geometric touches in this typeface make it perfect for deliberate messages that you want to see bold and readable. It’s a flawless choice for classic and traditional events.

Kid Print, a favorite font used most often for baby showers and birth announcements, this handwriting font is also ideal for birthdays, any event with kids or fun holidays.
There are no rules to how you use typefaces. Some ideas that we like to keep in mind when using different typefaces: 1.) Choose a typeface that compliments the event, 2.) Don’t be afraid to try something fun, edgy or new, 3.) Contrast typefaces by using a sans serif font with a flourished font its not only beautiful but separates information for the audience, 4.) Make important information really pop by using a BOLD font or bump up the size.

We hope these tips help you make more exciting choices and encourage you to try new typefaces. Visit to see what your personalized design will look like in any typeface.

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