Spare us from Paris

Liz, one of our on-site graphic designers, said au revoir to us yesterday and today she boards a plane for Paris. Good riddance to her as we stay in Chicago, where the weather changed from 80 degrees yesterday to 50 degrees today! It’s the Midwest and we will try to forget about Liz’s French adventures.

She will be “working,” however. We’ve asked Liz to scout some of the most unique architectural and Parisian-inspired designs for new designs to use on products. In addition, Liz is a vintage shopper who will be photographing the world’s best flea markets for even more inspiration. According to the International Herald, this is the hottest season for American wedding tourists, as Paris is an ideal place to celebrate love. After all, “love conquers all – even the weak dollar,” and Liz is our foreign correspondent, liaison, of the most avant-garde trends.¬†
Stay posted for more information on her French soiree stories!
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