Sparkler Sleeve + Match & DIY

We love seeing our products in action and seeing our customers use their products in new and unexpected ways! A big thanks to Mary Vidra of 17 Apart, who did just this when she showed us how to create your own DIY Sparkler Sleeve + Match set (using our 40 Strike matches and her own Sparkler Sleeves). From just a few basic materials (card stock, hot glue, sparklers, and of course personalized matches), Mary created something entirely unique and personalized. She even includes a downloadable template in her blog post for her DIY Sparkler Sleeves. (Images below by Tori Watson)

Kraft Sparkler Backings

Hot Glue

DIY Wedding Sparkler Tutorial

Heart shaped wedding sparklers

Don’t feel like your stuck with our white 40 Strike matches either! Our 30 Strike Stardream Matches are a little smaller and are available in 14 beautiful colors, not to mention the 50+ foil colors available.


If you’re not one for the DIY project, or maybe just don’t have enough time to tackle this, don’t worry! We have a sparkler sleeve + match combo already on our website ready for you to personalize!



You may also choose to just use our Sparkler Sleeve and that’s a great option too! We offer them in two different sizes! At 2″x3″, our smaller size sleeves are perfect for mini sparklers (seen below!)


Our larger sleeves are 2.75″x6″ and work great with larger sparklers!


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