Starcom “All You Need Is Love” Party


Closing out the month of June, former Starcom Executive Vice President Jens Welin threw a summer party that was full of color, laughter, dancing, booze, food and a little bit of rain. The event was a toast to the hard work of the creative teams Welin oversaw, as well as a goodbye party before he left the company to move back to Sweden. In honor of the month, the party was Pride-themed with personalized details in all the colors of the rainbow.



Guests enjoyed the cocktail of the night, a summery Aperol Spritz in Frost Flex Cups sporting the party theme “All You Need is Love” and Starcom’s logo. But the bar didn’t stop there! Custom Can Coolers in a festive orange were the perfect touch for canned and bottled libations. And, of course, personalized Cocktail Napkins adorned every tabletop as an ever delightful detail.

All you need is love—and a grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously, if you haven’t eaten food from a restaurant on wheels yet, you are totally missing out. It’s a craze for a reason. The Toasty Cheese food truck supplied gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and other tasty bites to a very satisfied crowd.



One somewhat cloudy uninvited guest did appear; a rain shower moved in and sent guests running for cover. However, the skies cleared after a bit, the sun came out and the party prevailed! Sunshine shone through the trees and happy partygoers talked, ate and danced the night away, creating their own rainbow.



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