Summer Relaxing!

When we are not helping customers, creating new & beautiful designs or laying out personalized napkin creations we are enjoying our weekends. One of our preferred ways to kick back with friends and family is with popcorn filled movie nights. Here are some of our favorite films for summer and throughout the year:

  1. The Sandlot; this family friendly motion picture will make you laugh, possibly cry and most definitely want to play baseball!
  2. Mama Mia!; Besides encouraging you to burst into ABBA songs this summery romantic comedy may just inspire a trip to Greece.
  3. 50 First Dates; compliment this tropical romantic comedy with blended fruit drinks and personalized stir sticks to really transport your self to paradise.
  4. Grease; this classic musical never gets old. Whether you’re a greaser or a pink lady it’s impossible not to dance during the hand jive!
  5. Shawshank Redemption; this incredibly acted film addresses the decency and moral fortitude in every man no matter their location.
  6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall; this is an absolute laugh-tastic movie, if you’ve ever dated someone, traveled to an island or enjoyed puppets this is for you.
  7. Shutter Island; a great movie for anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers that keep you guessing until the end.
  8. Ponyo; perfect for the whole family this masterfully animated film guides the viewers through two children’s fanciful journey to save the world.
  9. Back to the Future; young and old can enjoy this timeless 80’s film. The combination of comedy, adventure and an incredible cast of actors makes it a must see.
  10. The Great Outdoors; if you’ve ever thought your family was an embarrassment on vacations watching this movie will make you feel much better. Comedy legends Dan Aykroyd and John Candy will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry.

When you’re done enjoying the outdoors enjoy some of these excellent recommendations on the couch.  Add popcorn, soda, and of course some personalized party napkins to finish off a perfect summer day.

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