Our custom art dept. had been flooded with personalized graphics and 
motifs from summer orders.  We wanted to share some of our favorite graphics 
and color schemes that have brought about office envy of creative summer parties!

Pretty and pink:
This weather vane makes the initials stand out to complement each other. We love the custom art and the color scheme was brilliant!  Mimosa is a great contrast to the Rose Petal napkin. 
His and Hers (Heron):
This is so simple and beautiful! With only two letters, one symbol and a large silhouette of a graceful bird, we imagine that this couple will have a gorgeous outdoor wedding.  Congrats on such beautiful product and thanks for the reminder that simplicity is divine!

This sun is a beautiful design for (what we think is) an outdoor wedding that utilizes the natural light.  Since “green” weddings are in, we’re glad that it doesn’t have to mean green color schemes.  These bright colors, Fuschia and Tangerine, will likely be complemented with splendid flowers of the same color scheme. 
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