Summer wedding palettes

It’s just now starting to truly feel like summer and we want to make your summer wedding perfect with the perfect summer color palette. We’re searched for the perfect palettes for the warm summer months and want to showcase our favorite color palettes from The Sweetest Occasion and Wedding Colors. For summer, many people automatically think bright, bold colors, however, there are ways to incorporate soft, pastels into your wedding palette to suit your tastes as well.

Amethyst and Bubblegum
Our first palette is called Amethyst and Bubblegum. It’s a beautiful combination of dark purple, bubblegum pinks, light lavender, and sunflower yellow. The lighter colors complement the bolder to create a palette that has dimension and pop. This palette is all about creating an atmosphere full of fun. If you’re a bride who loves to party, this palette is for you.



Coral Charm and Navy
Our next palette is called Coral Charm and Navy and is inspired by the lovely pink peony. By adding a navy color into the mix, it gives a preppy vibe to this otherwise light and subtle palette. This is perfect for brides who love the softness of pinks and corals, but want a little something extra.

colorpalette3Clementine and Sage
Our next palette is called Clementine and Sage. It’s a perfect transition from spring to summer, with soft orange, light pinks, and greens. The light orange creates a lovely combination with the sage for a kick of citrus and the hint of something sweet with the addition of light pinks. If you are someone who loves sunshine and citrus, this palette is for you.


Our final color palette is called Granita and Emerald. The rich roses, pinks, and emerald have a bold and bright effect, perfectly encapsulating the feelings of summer. It may even remind you of a summertime watermelon snack on a sunny day.


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