Tea for Two or More…..Sari

While getting ready for the big Valentine’s day party last weekend, I was cleaning out my china cabinet only to discover a long lost treasure. Behind the platters and serving pieces I discovered I had long ago inherited and forgotten about my husband’s grandmother’s collection of antique bone china tea cups.

Now I know I’m not the only girl to have inherited one of these charming collections and can’t wait to find a reason to host a tea party! Perhaps a bridal or baby shower. Or maybe my Mothers birthday (it is next month…hummm, could be a good idea but I think she would prefer the martini type party more these days!!). I have it – a tea honoring all the great women in my life and their Mom’s, for Mothers Day! What do you think?

And the best reason…to celebrate this charming collection lovingly passed on it me by a woman I never had the honor to meet, Minna Morrison.

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  1. Khymn Autumn says:

    Just a suggestion from a tea lover and specialist. In case you’re not aware, tea companies now manufacture tea-infused mixers for alcoholic drinks–the latest rage! Two companies that immediately come to mind are Mighty Tea, and Tea Forte. You can purchase from both online! This might make your mom happy and allow you to still use those beautiful tea cups! Best wishes on the celebration.

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