The Perfect Holiday Party Favor Bag

Some of the best holiday parties end the evening by giving each guest a party favor. These gifts come in a range of sizes, which means no matter your budget, you can offer them to your friends and family. Here is a bit of inspiration to help you decide what to put inside your goodie bag this year. Just remember: today is the last day to order personalized holiday goodies to get them by the 24th!

Just as weddings give out customized boxes filled with sweet treats at the culmination of the evening, hand out favors to your guests as well. First decide what shape of container you prefer. Choose from pyramid, truffle, pillow shapes and more. Then pick a festive color like green or white for a winter wonderland aesthetic. To really add a special touch, include a holiday greeting, like “Happy WHO-lidays,” “Tiny Treats,”or a simple “Thank You.”


These boxes are small, so put some thought into what you place inside. If you choose candy, purchase something gourmet instead of store-bought brands. A small bite of Belgian chocolate will really satisfy your guests.

Goodie bags
Paper goodie bags are a great option for kids. Choose a festive color palette like red set off by green lettering. Then personalize the bags with the names of your guests or a funny holiday saying. However, a simple “eat me” works too. Place a favor box inside and include other treats like candy canes, holiday cookies wrapped in colored plastic and more. You can also put a holiday card with a picture of the entire family inside.

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Gift bags
Customized gift bags are perfect for the adults of the group. Design a special personalized message on the containers as well. These styles have more space than party bags and boxes, so take advantage of the extra room. Personalize a label for a votive candle or include homemade soaps you found at a local boutique. Whatever you place inside, make sure there is a special meaning behind the gift.

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 11.04.47 AM

Additionally, you can design personalized matchbooks and custom coasters. These items spread the holiday cheer while simultaneously being a useful present.



Bonus tip: For a special touch, tie a custom tag on each bag. Maybe with a message saying “From: Santa” in a decorative font. We have new, beautifully designed holiday gift tags on our website! Be sure to take a look.


When you customize gifts for your friends and family, they will like your token of appreciation even more. Check out our wide range of holiday decorations to make this season a resounding success.

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