The Great Cool Down!

In the recent wake of a Chicago heat wave, we started to get hungry for sweet cool treats to reinvigorate our creative minds. These are the sugary delights we reach for to soothe our senses:

  1. Gelato! – Every flavor is a winner our favorite pick is the Salted Caramel available at Paciugo a nation wide family founded Gelato maker that has graced us with their amazing flavors in Chicago and hopefully a city near you!
  1. Raspado (Raspa or Limbe) – a Mexican snow cone that can be purchased quite often at local cart vendors around Chicago. There are many at home recipes for this thirst quenching delight.
  1. Pistachio Frozen Yogurt – A truly light, not overly sweet treat that also surprises the eyes with its flashy bright color! Available at the Dairy Factory in Warren, MI. Check out your local frozen yogurt shops for this delectable flavor.
  1. Strawberry Daiquiri’s! – This classic summer beverage can always help beat the heat especially if you replace the alcohol with orange juice for an even sweeter and healthier refreshment.
  1. Zanzibar Chocolate Milkshake – Infamous for their wide selection of delicious desserts in all shapes, sizes and temperatures George’s ice Cream and Sweets in Andersonville (Chicago neighborhood) makes the most sinful Zanzibar Chocotate Milkshake! For those not in Chicago we suggest attempting to make this at home or visiting a local ice cream shop and politely asking if they will make one for you.
  1. Mojito’s – Of course they have to made from scratch. Blue Line Lounge and Grill has $4 any Specialty Mojito Night. This happy establishment is in Bucktown/Wicker Park (Chicago neighborhood). Countless bars and restaurants nation wide offer this crisp and easy to drink beverage.
  1. Elder Flower Fizz – St. Germaine Elder flower liqueur, Prosecco and soda, refreshing and detectibly perfect for a sunny day and a patio.
  1. Orange Push-Ups – not only does this yummy frozen dessert make us reminisce of days filled with running fast, biking all over creation and being home by dark but it tastes just like summer.
  1. Arnold Palmer – This perfect combination of tea and lemonade dressed up with a rosemary or mint sprig and a personalized stir stick slips in flawlessly to any afternoon tanning session or passes as the ideal after golf tonic.
  1. Strawberry Shortcake – No summer is complete without eating some combination of light short cake topped with fresh strawberries and garnished with (or swimming in) whip cream.

Images: Stir sticks: ForYourParty, Refreshing Lime drink: iPhone wallpaper, Strawberry shortcake:

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