While Erin’s trip to Mexico brought her colorful inspiration, Liz was most struck by the beautiful architectural elements surrounding her in France. She wandered the streets of Paris in her french blue sweater, gushed over French Bulldogs, and snacked on french fries (OK, frites), but most of all she found the charming buildings and ornate details to be awe-inspiring. Armed with a fisheye Lomo camera, Liz captured images of the wrought-iron fences, outdoor cafes, and historic structures that overwhelm the city.

Even the hostel she stayed in was stunningly decorated with a bold floral pattern in black and white on the top half of the wall, complimented by a bright lime green color on the bottom. The graphic sights of the city were the perfect inspiration for a new series of romantic designs.

A few days in Bordeaux brought time to relax, sip wine, and enjoy the more primitive side of the country, while sketching out ideas for new graphics. Couples looking for the perfect Parisian-inspired designs can expect them to come to fruition in the near future.
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