Think outside the box for 4th of July backyard BBQ fare

If you’re throwing a cozy and fun backyard BBQ​ for Independence Day, consider (mostly) foregoing the red, white and blue foods that everyone is probably tired of for more updated twists on 4th of July fare. You can still show your American pride in your chosen decor, but we think your guests will love these awesome and easy recipes:

The food
While they certainly have their moments, traditional BBQ fare like babyback ribs, hot dogs and burgers might  just not be fancy enough for your Independence Day bash. But you can’t do the 4th without grilling, so instead, try these two tasty recipes from Martha Stewart: blackened chicken rubbed with paprika, oregano, thyme and pepper, and pork souvlaki skewers with a lemony yogurt sauce. As a side, serve up this delicious, easy and updated cabbage and fennel slaw or this colorful quinoa fruit salad with honey-lime dressing.

The drinks
No backyard 4th of July bash could be complete without drinks – alcoholic or not. Make fruit-infused waters for the kids or non-drinking folks by lining the bottom of mason jars with a mix of fresh fruit and muddled herbs. We really like blackberries and raspberries with mint leaves, or strawberry and lemon infused with basil.

One refreshing option for the adults is this patriotic sangria, complete with star-shaped pineapple slices. Personalize your drinks with custom cocktail napkins and custom coasters to fit your theme. We also have these super fun stir sticks made from natural wood that you can customize to give even more flair to your party.

The sweets
Don’t forget the sugary snacks! We adore these patriotic red velvet cupcakes meant to resemble sailboats with star-spangled masts. Or, try a bright fruity salsa made with blueberries, strawberries and jicama. Serve it with cinnamon sugar pita chips to make it a healthy dessert that even kids will love (just remember to forego the jalapenos and onions – flavors kids don’t generally enjoy).

We love the idea of sending guests home with sweet and salty homemade kettlecorn, or try a twist on the recipe with this honey butter popcorn that uses coconut oil and raw honey. Fill customized and rustic-looking paper lunch bags with the popcorn if you’re serving it at the party, or send guests home with popcorn in customized cellophane bags, tied with personalized ribbon.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these delicious recipes and some patriotic personalized products!

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