Thrift tips for New Year’s and beyond!

We’re all a little thrifty around the ForYourParty office. Whether it be clipping coupons, deliberating over daily Groupons, or pairing sassy leather boots with a Target special top we love a good deal. One great idea we implemented in our office this year was for our secret Santa! We capped our price at $20 for gifts and threw in a special touch, mandating that all gifts had to be purchased at a garage/estate sale, thrift shop or Salvation Army! Not only will this make the gifts that much more interesting but no one will feel badly if it promptly gets returned.

Here are a few of our other favorite tips to save this season and all year round:

1. When printing coasters, napkins or stir sticks for Holiday events choose a seasonal image or theme that does not limit you. Though Santa coming down the chimney is charming; snowflakes or pine trees allow you to use those party favors almost year round.

2. Deciding to go out or stay in? Invite your friends over to share recipes and make dinner together, and afterwards bring out Apples to Apples or any other lively game.

3. Though we love eating out for lunch as a group, we are more than happy to luncheon together while we all brown bag it. Bringing lunch everyday can save a small family hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.

4. Make it work! Whether it’s sewing a patch on a ripped pair of pants or tearing up that old “T” for dusting shams, reusing what you have is a great eco-friendly way to save money.

5. Pre-party! Before heading to the club or out for an evening with friends, fill up on a few at home appetizers and drinks!

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